SCOTUS Reviews Our PP Case Next Week

Sep 18, 2023

Sandra Merritt has been slapped with a 16-million-dollar civil judgment in favor of Planned Parenthood by a judge with ownership interests in a local Planned Parenthood clinic. Liberty Counsel is fighting to right this wrong and overturn this injustice.

On September 26, just eight days from now, the U.S. Supreme Court will review Sandra’s case during its “Super Conference” in which the Justices will select the cases they will hear in the upcoming term. Our case of Sandra Merritt v. Planned Parenthood Federation of America is on the docket. Read about our latest case before the High Court. — Mat

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In 2015, Sandra Merritt filmed a series of shocking undercover videos. The films showed organ people proudly showing off the dismembered baby parts they were trying to sell to the highest bidders.

The videos also showed Planned Parenthood abortionists openly bragging about unlawfully altering abortion techniques — a process that endangers women’s lives — to generate higher prices in their twisted “Baby Parts for Sale” scheme.

While the organ procurement companies were fined for their illegal trafficking of baby body parts, not a single Planned Parenthood employee was ever brought to justice. Instead, Sandra was slapped with 16 million in fines for exposing Planned Parenthood’s crimes. This case has now landed on the desks of the Supreme Court Justices.

Dr. Deborah Nucatola, PP’s senior director, bragged that she had “gotten pretty good” at performing these unlawful abortion procedures. Pulling the baby’s feet out first, and while the head is still in the womb, she crushed above and below the thorax to retrieve “valuable” intact lungs, livers, and kidneys, and then removed the intact brains.

Nor was anyone charged when Sandra’s undercover work revealed that some of these babies had been butchered alive, with their hearts still beating so their intact organs could be “harvested” free of chemicals. These baby parts command higher prices on the organ procurement market.

Then-president of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director’s Council, Dr. Mary Gatter, was filmed over lunch admitting why she harvests these body parts. “I want a Lamborghini,” she said, as she sips wine and enjoys her salad.

Given the big bucks associated with Planned Parenthood’s unlawful trade, perhaps that is why Judge William Orrick III, who just happens to be associated with the Good Samaritan Family Resource Center, which housed Planned Parenthood of Northern California, REFUSED to recuse himself from Sandra’s 2017 trial.

Instead, Judge Orrick severely restricted the evidence, refusing to let the jury see the videos even though the trial was about the videos. After a six-week trial, Orrick instructed the jury that he would rule for Planned Parenthood and told the jury to award damages. With this instruction, the jury had little choice and awarded more than 2 million dollars in damages. The court subsequently awarded Planned Parenthood nearly 14 million in attorney’s fees and costs, slapping the brave grandmother turned undercover journalist with a total judgment of over 16 million dollars.

In October 2022, a three-member panel of the Ninth Circuit upheld numerous errors of the trial court, including:

(1) The award to Planned Parenthood of millions of dollars in “damages” involving publication of Planned Parenthood’s own words, without any proof that the videos were false or deceptive.

(2) The use of Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to punish constitutionally protected undercover journalism, which was never intended to be applied to protected speech.

(3) The award to Planned Parenthood of “damages” involving legally recorded conversations without allowing the jury to hear those conversations, and without requiring Planned Parenthood to prove that the conversations recorded in public places were “confidential.”

On behalf of Sandra, we are now asking the Supreme Court to undo the blatant injustice of this case. On September 26, just eight days from today, the High Court will review Sandra’s case to decide if they will hear the full case during their upcoming term.

In addition to being one of the most important abortion cases in the land, every journalist and person who values free speech and a free press should be concerned with the implications of this case.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is flexing its big money muscles in Washington, D.C., where the multibillion-dollar global abortion giant is pushing HR 15, a bill that would make ALL abortion, even the currently illegal partial birth abortions Dr. Nucatola bragged about, LEGAL.

Please, take a moment right now and DEMAND Congress RESIST Planned Parenthood’s big bucks and high-priced, pro-death lobbyists. Demand Congress VOTE NO on HR 15.

Liberty Counsel is only able to defend free speech and religious freedom with YOUR help. We won all four of the Supreme Court cases we argued or briefed in 2022, and all three cases we argued or briefed before the High Court in 2023 — and we’re not done winning yet!

But Sandra’s case has been the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel history … and we haven’t even gotten through the Supreme Court yet. We need YOUR HELP to win justice for Sandra and every other undercover journalist who dares expose corruption.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel