Jury Selection Begins TODAY

Sep 11, 2023

Jury selection begins TODAY in the Kentucky case in which the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and its sham plaintiffs are trying to take revenge on the Rowan County Clerk who risked everything to avoid violating her Christian faith.

Because of Kim Davis, officials in the Commonwealth of Kentucky now have religious accommodation protecting them from violating their faith as part of their job duties. But the ACLU plaintiffs who specifically chose to target Kim over her faith eight years ago are back for revenge, and now they want their pound of flesh — valued in dollar bills, of course.

Please be in prayer today as jury selection begins in this case. And please take a moment to fund Kim’s legal defense with a special gift to our litigation fund in which every donation made today will be DOUBLED in impact. Then read on to learn more about our case. —Mat

Even before the U.S. Supreme Court released its opinion on the same-sex marriage case Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015, Kim Davis was already petitioning the Kentucky Democrat governor and state legislature to ensure that committed Christians like herself would be granted religious accommodation, should the High Court rule the wrong way.

Kim had become a deeply committed, born-again Christian four years earlier. The Bible and natural law (nature itself) dictate that marriage is between a man and a woman. Kim could not violate the tenets of her faith by allowing her name, title, and authority to be used to endorse and officially approve a marriage that conflicts with God’s design.

As Kim waited for an answer on her request, she stopped issuing any marriage licenses.

David Moore and David Ermold caught wind of Kim’s decision via a social media post announcing a protest at Kim’s office. Apparently eager to be part of the melee, the two Davids raced to Kim’s office with camera phones in hand, hoping to record an incendiary interaction with the Kentucky clerk.

They posted their video to a social media site and were excited when the post went viral within just hours.

On five separate occasions, the two Davids traveled to Kim’s office demanding a marriage license, knowing that Kim would refuse them, as she had been refusing ALL marriage licenses until she received word on her religious accommodation request. Each time, the men made sure cell phone and video cameras were rolling as they harassed and hollered at the mild-mannered, soft-spoken clerk.

All seven of the counties that surrounded Kim’s office were granting same-sex marriage licenses. But the two Davids chose to specifically target Kim Davis, to make an example of the mild-mannered Christian woman and mock her faith.

Kim eventually received her religious accommodation, and won religious accommodations for ALL Kentucky officials, but not until after she was sent to jail for six days. While Kim was in jail for refusing to violate her faith, both Davids received their license from a clerk in Kim’s office.

One would think the two Davids, now officially married, would be satisfied. But such is not the case. Eight years later, the two men, along with Morehead State University professor April Miller, want to further punish Kim by suing her into personal bankruptcy all because they detest Kim’s Christian faith.

“How have we come to a place where we can accommodate everybody else, but not Christians?” Kim wondered in a 2015 interview on ABC’s Good Morning America.

It’s a problem we see more and more often. Repeatedly, the radical LGBTQ lobby has demanded that they, and they alone, be accommodated. But anyone who might want accommodation from their aberrations, they want punished. That reasoning is unlawful at its core.

Jury selection begins TODAY, September 11, 2023.

We will tee up the case for the U.S. Supreme Court to (1) obtain religious accommodation for ALL government officials nationwide, and (2) overturn the dreadful 2015 Obergefell Supreme Court ruling that instigated this fight.

But the LGBTQ army is already preparing their long-term tactic to eliminate religious freedom. HR 15, the so-called “Equality Act,” specifically eliminates the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). That means that even Christian schools could be forced to allow a cross-dressing male coach to change in the locker rooms of the young girls he is grooming, I mean “coaching.”

The 212 House Democrats need just six Republicans to join them in voting for this atrocity. This is a terrible bill and must be stopped.

Please take a moment to FAX CONGRESS and SIGN OUR PETITION demanding Congress save religious liberty.

Finally, please pray for this case, our attorneys, and especially Kim Davis and her family. LGBTQ radicals and their “allies” have made Kim, her husband, and her children the target of grotesque threats even above the threat of complete bankruptcy. Please pray for their protection during this trial, as well as for a ruling that will protect not only Kim, but all Christians under attack by the LGBTQ mafia.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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