Shocking: US Treasury Hacked

Aug 30, 2023

The United States Treasury Department servers were hacked during the Solar Winds cyberattack launched by cyber thieves reportedly working for the Russian and Chinese governments. In fact, U.S. government agencies have already been hacked at least seven times in 2023 alone.

But Joe Biden STILL thinks it’s a good idea to launch a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) — a programmable digital dollar — leaving your finances, America’s entire economy, and our very own national security extremely vulnerable to further attacks.

Three bills in Congress can STOP Joe Biden if we act now. Read on. —Mat

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The Solar Winds cyberattack against the United States began in September 2019. Several corporations and multiple U.S. government agencies were unknowingly breached, including the Department of State, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (which governs America’s telecommunication systems), the Securites and Exchange Commission (which governs U.S. stock exchanges), and the Treasury Department, just to name a few.

America’s allies, including NATO, the U.K. and the E.U., were also hacked in a successful coup that affected more than 30,000 organizations and agencies.

The hack went on for a full seven months before being detected, allowing both Russian and Chinese hackers nearly unlimited access to America’s critical infrastructure.

Worse yet, “the hack is still ongoing,” according to cybersecurity experts Saheed Oladimeji and Sean Michael Kerner. Nearly four years have passed since the hackers gained access to U.S. government and corporate servers. But, despite the Microsoft Corporation’s attempts to install backdoor “kill switches” to stop the hackers from accessing further information, many of the hacked organizations “aren't yet sure if they are free from the malware,” leaving people, businesses and potentially the federal government vulnerable to the attackers’ whims.

Three bills are pending in Congress to stop Biden’s ridiculous CBDC plans. Fax Congress and demand they STOP Joe Biden’s Digital Dollar Plans!

As of this month, Oladimeji and Kerner say, the extent of the hack is still not known, meaning the malicious software the Russian and Communist Chinese agents inserted into our government systems may STILL be running, spying on the federal government’s inner workings, and silently poised to crash our most critical infrastructure.

Now Joe Biden wants to give malicious actors a bigger target — our entire monetary system.

Biden’s Executive Order 14067 compelled the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury to begin developing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) for the United States. Such a currency would replace cash with programmable digital “dollars” and make the federal government your bank.

Such an endeavor is not likely to end well, according to digital currency expert Emmanuel Awosika.

By nature, CBDCs are a centralized system with “single points of failure,” Awosika says. As such, CBDCs are infinitely easier to hack.

“Malicious actors only need to breach a few servers, and suddenly, they can control the entire country’s monetary supply,” Awosika writes for “Hacker Noon,” an ezine for the hacking community.

There have been no less than seven successful NEW attacks on U.S. government servers in 2023 alone.

  • July: The U.S. State Department and U.S. Department of Commerce servers were hacked by Chinese government operatives.
  • June: The U.S. Department of Energy and several other federal agencies were hacked by Russian cyberspies.
  • May: U.S. military communications networks in Guam were breached by Chinese hackers.
  • April: U.S. infrastructure servers were breached by hackers working on behalf of Iran.
  • March: U.S. cybersecurity research firms aligned with the U.S. federal government were hacked by North Korean cyber spies.
  • March: The FBI reported that a U.S. federal agency was targeted by multiple attackers, including cyberspies from Vietnam.
  • January: U.S. public infrastructure servers and Australian organizations were hacked by Iran. Australian authorities claim the data was used for extortion.

Joe Biden can’t even keep the critical infrastructure of the United States safe from hackers. Can we really trust him to keep a digital, programmable monetary system safe?

The answer, according to the experts, is NO.

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Fax Congress and tell them to VOTE YES on HR 1122, HR 3712, and S 887! You can also sign our petition.


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