Pride Goes Before a Fall

Jun 15, 2023

Ritchie Herron was a victim of propaganda. Instead of offering counseling to the young man, who suffered from debilitating anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, medical “professionals” convinced Ritchie to chemically and surgically castrate himself. 

But even as people like Ritchie are warning others about the LGBTQ’s dangerous gender-bending agenda, the Biden administration has embraced this insanity with a so-called “Pride” event at the White House, where men pretending to be women exposed their breasts.

Ritchie cannot get back what he lost. So, he is speaking out, hoping to save others from the eunuch’s life to which he has been condemned. YOU can help save others by supporting our legal battle to overturn laws that ban Christian counseling and to defend employees, parents, and students against the LGBTQ agenda. Help us help people like Ritchie overcome unwanted same-sex attractions and gender confusion, without dangerous cross-sex hormones or mutilating surgeries. 

When you do, your gift will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT by a special Challenge Grant. Please, give generously today. Then read on for Ritchie’s story. —Mat

For years, Ritchie Herron suffered from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In his early 20s, he became hyperfocused on his body and his sexuality. 

“I did not want to be a gay man,” Ritchie says. “I said to my therapist I cannot see myself as a man with another man, but I can see myself as a woman with a man.” Immediately, Ritchie’s therapist told the struggling young man, “That is because you are trans.” 

Ritchie hadn’t even contemplated “transgenderism” when he sought help for his angst. But the “professional” counselor convinced Ritchie that chemical and surgical castration and body mutilation would solve his mental illness issues. 

Instead of healing, 10 years later, Ritchie now lives in a nightmare.

Ritchie's experience has been “catastrophic” to both his physical and mental health. The problems began in the medical procedure itself, when Ritchie nearly bled to death on the surgical table. Thankfully, surgeons were able to stop the bleeding and stabilize Ritchie’s vital signs, saving his life. But post-recovery, Ritchie found his physical and mental health became markedly worse.

Regret set in almost as soon as the surgery was complete. Not only was the young man’s body unrecognizable, but his mental condition also grew far worse as the surgical and hormonal side effects progressed.

Ritchie couldn’t use the bathroom normally. He no longer has any feeling at all in his pelvic region. His body — where it wasn’t numb from surgically severed nerves — was wracked with pain. Infection after infection plagued him. Both problems are common post-surgical side effects of this procedure.  But, of course, the doctors at the UK’s National Health System (NHS) gender clinic never told Ritchie about these horrific possibilities. 

When Ritchie tried to speak to his doctors about his regret, they told him those feelings weren’t real, but a product of his OCD. 

“It was about 3 years after the surgery that I realized the pain, toilet issues, infections and all the other hells that came with it weren’t going away,” Ritchie tweets. “That this is it forever. And it was all for nothing. Do you know how maddening that is?” 

Christian counseling could have helped Ritchie — if the United Kingdom (where Ritchie lives) weren't in the process of banning it.

For decades, Bible-based Christian “change” counseling has been proven to help people like Ritchie to resolve unwanted same-sex desires as well as gender confusion, without poisonous cross-sex chemicals or body mutilation surgeries. Maybe that’s why the rabid LGBTQ+ lobby is so hell-bent and determined to ban this lifesaving practice. 

The LGBTQ lobby has banned Christian change counseling in more than 100 U.S. cities and states so far. Liberty Counsel has overturned 23 of those bans. Our cases Otto v. Boca Raton and Vazzo v. City of Tampa led the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn all Christian change counseling bans in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. However, Christian change counsel is still banned in more than 87 cities and states around the U.S.

Meanwhile, just this past weekend, Joe Biden let the entire world know exactly where he stands on the LGBTQ gender-transition industry. In a “Pride” event held on the White House lawn Saturday, Biden hosted several drag queens and self-proclaimed “queers.”

One of those people was a 27-year-old man who goes by the name “Rose Montoya.” Within moments of shaking Joe Biden’s hand and chatting with the Bidens, Montoya stripped off the top of his dress, his breast implants revealed for all to see. 

International media is now awash with images of a freak massaging his naked breasts on the White House lawn.

We know what we are up against, and WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN!

Liberty Counsel is fighting in courtrooms across the country to defend our children even as we continue to defend life, religious liberty, and the natural family. Our aim is to get one of these counseling ban laws before the U.S. Supreme Court so we can free the captives that the LGBTQ community and its profit-focused medical industry have taken with designer drugs and surgeries.

We will not stop fighting until every ban on Christian counseling is overturned once and for all. But we need YOUR help.

Please prayerfully consider making a recurring monthly donation to fund our legal battles. Every donation today will be DOUBLED in IMPACT by a special Challenge Grant. Please, give generously today.

NO government should prevent people from receiving counseling.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*Name changed for privacy.


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