1 Billionaire to Rule Us All

May 15, 2023

Today’s email is part 1 of a 3-part bombshell investigation into one billionaire’s breathtaking attempt to force his corrupt will on the entire world. In one year, he spent 8.3 million dollars lobbying to receive billions from America and other nations, all to enforce his will on YOU.

This same billionaire is using his deep pockets to establish the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global authority to do his bidding.

The only thing that stands in his way is our ability to wake up our sleeping members of Congress and demand they STOP Joe Biden from signing America on to Bill Gates’ WHO amendments.

Read on to learn about this massively profitable scheme to put the WHO in control of every country while Bill Gates pulls the strings, and why we must wake Congress now. — Mat

American sovereignty is NOT FOR SALE. Tell Congress to STOP Joe Biden’s attempt to give our freedom to a billionaire’s pet project — the WHO.

A bombshell expose has been published by Politico, documenting Bill Gates’ jaw-dropping influence in the highest offices of the world to do his bidding. Working with European investigators and the German newspaper WELT, the group spent seven months reviewing lobbying and financial records as well as interviewing health and government officials around the world. What they found is staggering.

Four organizations spent 8.3 million dollars lobbying the U.S. and EU (European Union) governments for COVID funding, receiving unprecedented access to heads of state and making billions of dollars in return.

The same organizations also gave the WHO 1.4 billion dollars to push COVID shots from pharmaceutical companies in which those “charities” owned major stakes, effectively running up stock prices, then cashing out to insanely rich rewards.

All four organizations are indelibly tied to Bill Gates, who in 2010 told the world he wanted to reduce the global human population by 10-15% through “new vaccines,” among other things.

In 1999, the Gates Foundation spent 750 million to found another “charity” called Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The stated intent at the time was for Gavi to negotiate vaccination deals with pharmaceutical companies for low-income countries.

In 2017, the BMGF partnered with the Wellcome Trust of the United Kingdom to launch CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), purportedly to fund vaccine research and development. Helmed by former Obama official Richard Hatchett, CEPI is now one of the largest charities in the world.

Created in the 1930s by a former pharmaceutical executive, The Wellcome Trust is one of the other largest charities in the world. With an endowment of nearly 38 billion, the charity is a regular partner with BMGF and Gates’ associated charities.

During COVID, these four Gates-founded or associated “charities” used Gates’ influence to receive unprecedented access to global leaders, encouraging them to engage in lockdowns and mandatory shot programs.

Those efforts were richly rewarded with government actions that drove the “charities” profits, while also reaping billions in taxpayer dollars. Because of his enormous funding ability, when Bill Gates tells the WHO to jump, the only question is how high.

Together, the four “charities” formed “ACT-A,” an initiative they claimed would solve the COVID crisis. The groups spent 8.3 million dollars lobbying governments and were rewarded with 23 billion dollars of government funds in return. According to reports, only 2.2 billion was spent on strengthening health systems as they had promised. No one is quite sure where the other 20.8 billion dollars went.

During the COVID “pandemic,” Bill Gates’ representatives met with Biden White House officials on a weekly basis, guiding the administration’s every decision on the U.S. and global COVID response. On the other side of the world, Gates’ representatives were also using the billionaire’s influence on governments all over the world, including Germany, the United Kingdom and more. In each case, Gates and his organizations pushed for lockdowns and mandatory vaccination programs.

In fact, the investigation shows that each of Gates’ “charities” were richly rewarded for their lobbying efforts, receiving billions of dollars from the very governments they were “advising.”

According to the Politico investigation, when Joe Biden asked for 5 billion in taxpayer money to combat COVID, he slipped 500 million dollars right back to Gates’ CEPI “charity,” promising to fund the Gates project to the tune of 100 million a year for five years.

And then there’s the stock “pump and dump” scheme. In the fall of 2019 — before the official COVID breakout — the Gates Foundation bought 55 million dollars of BioNTech stock.

As you may recall, Pfizer/BioNTech was the shot Biden mandated on the military and health care workers while trying to lock the rest of us indoors until we took the untested shot.

By mandating the shots as the Gates charities “suggested,” BioNTech stock skyrocketed. Gates sold 890,000 shares of BioNTech stock in late 2021, when people began to realize the shots were dangerous. Gates reportedly reaped a 10x profit of more than 550 million on that sale, thanks to the shot mandates his organizations spent 8.3 million lobbying.

No wonder Gates said vaccines were his most profitable investment!

In 2021, Gates charities gave a staggering 1.4 billion dollars to the WHO, more than any other country in the world, including the U.S. and Germany.

That kind of money buys a lot of influence.

Here we are in 2023, and the WHO is poised to vote on a list of amendments to its charter, seeking to become an enforcement body for a series of new international laws which, not surprisingly, mimic Bill Gates’ insane ideas on health, climate, and yes, population reduction. The WHO will meet and vote on these amendments beginning May 22 through June 2.

Joe Biden, whose office was visited so often by Gates’ representatives is preparing to sign the WHO amendments without the constitutionally required Senate approval. If he does, we will ALL be stuck under Bill Gates’ WHO rule — because those amendments will have become binding international law.


Mat Staver

Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


American sovereignty is NOT FOR SALE. Tell Congress to STOP Joe Biden’s attempt to give our freedom to a billionaire’s pet project — the WHO.

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