The Countdown to the WHO

May 13, 2023

One week from tomorrow, the World Health Organization (WHO) will meet to vote on radical amendments with shocking implications. The scope of the global authority these amendments will give the WHO is breathtaking — and not in a good way.

WHO is forging ahead to launch universal (socialistic) health care worldwide. The proposed amendments Joe Biden is pushing will give WHO extraordinary power over the supply chain, including manufacturing, shipping, distribution, and delivery of anything related to health care. WHO will be able to restrict medications or require them, including a long list of vaccines.

If WHO decides that the lack of universal health care has the “potential to impact public health,” WHO can mandate it — like the failed centralized government models in Canada or Great Britain, for example.

In fact, some representatives like the idea of WHO being in charge so it can require their nation to get in line. If Congress does not force Biden to stand down, these amendments will pass. The U.S. support is critical to passage. If these amendments pass, America will have surrendered to a global Marxist power without a fight. We have little time to stop this.

Send URGENT FAXES to Congress to demand they stop Biden from handing over American sovereignty to WHO. — Mat

WHO’s new amendments demand the “right to health” for everyone, stating, “The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health, defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, is one of the fundamental rights of every human.”

Universal health care has utterly failed in Canada and Great Britain. “Medical tourism” developed because people in those nations often must travel to other countries to get proper and timely health care. If you have a herniated disc, the average time to get it diagnosed can take up to a year or more — not counting surgery.

Centralized government health care leads to shortages, rising costs, decreased service, long waits, and rationing. Universal health care has been proven to be a broken system, but WHO would expand this globally — IF these amendments pass. And WHO only needs a simple majority of the members nations to agree. The U.S. vote is critical to the outcome.

Members of Congress must stop Joe Biden.

The WHO amendments are being discussed. We have limited time to block this new effort by WHO and Joe Biden. Push back before it’s too late. Send your urgent faxes to members of Congress to oppose sacrificing Americans’ sovereignty to WHO.

WHO is using these amendments to set itself up as “the directing and coordinating authority on global health, and the leader of multilateral cooperation in global health governance.” (emphasis added)

If WHO believes the “activities within [a nation state’s] jurisdiction or control do not cause damage to their peoples and other countries,” then WHO will allow that nation to carry on. But if WHO concludes that the actions of a nation cause “damage to their peoples and other countries,” WHO will assert authority over that nation.

This broad language would give WHO authority over anything, from families with more than a certain number of children to unvaccinated people, to the number of or kinds of cars you own or how many miles you drive to abortion access, and much more.

Flood Congress with as many faxes as possible to oppose and defund this disturbing power grab and stop the Biden administration.

And, of course, WHO has something to say about “gender equality,” “diversity,” and racism — Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Rather than focusing on having the most qualified person to lead, WHO will focus on “equal participation and leadership of men and women in decision-making with a particular focus on gender equality, taking into account the specific needs of all women and girls, using a country-driven, gender responsive/transformative, participatory and fully transparent approach.”

And in case you didn’t already figure it out, that means abortion everywhere. This includes affirmative action, reverse discrimination, and much more.

WHO will pick winners and losers out of the different world religions and provide more medical care based on the religion of the patient. It states: “Nationally determined and prioritized actions, including support, will take into account communities and persons in vulnerable situations, places, and ecosystems.”

The WHO will favor “Indigenous peoples, persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious, or linguistic minorities, refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, stateless persons, persons in humanitarian settings and fragile contexts, marginalized communities, older people, persons with disabilities, persons with health conditions.” (emphasis added)

If you need medical treatment, it opens the door for the WHO to ask what your religion is and then decide if you are worthy of treatment!

I can’t believe this is even being discussed at all, let alone that the Biden administration is behind it. Well, yes, I can with this administration. But this is antithetical to our freedom.

Our team is working hard to counter these threats. We are meeting with members of Congress to sound the alarm. Meanwhile, we continue to wage battle for religious freedom in courtrooms across America. Partners like you undergird tour mission and make our vital work possible. Donate today through our Challenge Grant to DOUBLE the impact of your gift.

Mat Staver

Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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