Mom: "This Is Like Living in a Horror Movie"

Feb 1, 2023

Maddie de Garay’s mother, Stephanie, wants answers. Twelve-year-old Maddie was fortunate — the shots didn’t kill her, but she’s now paralyzed and must use a feeding tube for the rest of her life.

Pfizer and our federal regulatory agencies lied and covered up the truth.

But last week the CDC deputy director admitted for the first time that the COVID shots are indeed causing “debilitating illnesses.”

But insanely, there are still shot mandates requiring this deadly drug in force across America!

Yesterday, the House passed several measures to stop the shot mandates. Please fax the Senate NOW and demand they STOP ALL COVID SHOT MANDATES before more #DiedSuddenly stories hit the news. And I have an update for you on Maddie de Garay, the little girl paralyzed by Pfizer’s jab. Read on. —Mat

On January 26, 2023, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) held a public meeting of the “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee.” Broadcast online, the world watched as the CDC finally admitted people are “experiencing debilitating illnesses” because of the COVID shots.

People are “experiencing long lasting health problems after COVID vaccination,” said CDC Deputy Director Tom Shimabukuro in the video which is available (for now) on YouTube and the CDC website. “We acknowledge these health problems have substantially affected the quality of life of people and have also affected those around them.”

This is what we have been saying for over two years. This is why we have fought so hard for freedom. And the fight is not over.

Stephanie de Garay's daughter, Maddie, is permanently disabled by the Pfizer shots.

You may remember I wrote you about Maddie back in July of 2021, when Joe Biden and a host of politicians began forcing shot mandates upon the public.

Maddie was among the first to receive the Pfizer shots back in 2020 as part of a “clinical trial.” Maddie was a happy, athletic, straight-A 12-year-old when she got her COVID shots. Blood work taken immediately before “vaccination” proved she was perfectly healthy. But that all changed within just 12 hours of receiving her second dose.

Now this precious child is confined to a wheelchair, unable to raise her own head. She is completely numb from the waist down, unable to feel or control her lower limbs. Maddie can’t even chew or swallow, so now a feeding tube must keep her nourished. Blood clots riddle her body causing terrible pain. The once healthy, athletic child’s immune system has been turned inside out and exhausted so that even a small exposure to bacteria lands Maddie back in the hospital with a severe gut infection.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (CCH), which oversaw part of the Pfizer youth COVID shot trials and which administered Maddie’s “vaccine,” refused to admit the Pfizer shot was the cause of the issues. Instead, they tried to convince Maddie’s parents that her issues were the result of “anxiety.”

“I don’t believe anything anymore, honestly,” says Stephanie, referring to what she’s been told by health care professionals as well as government agencies that are supposed to oversee the medical community.

Two years after the shots disabled Maddie, the doctor who administered Maddie’s shots along with CCH still won’t admit anything is wrong with Maddie other than anxiety. As to Pfizer? Well, Pfizer just “washed its hands” of Maddie the moment it received its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) drug approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Finding any medical professional that would help Maddie was difficult. Stephanie said there is a “code of silence among the upper echelons of healthcare professionals.” No one wants to admit they were wrong. Others are simply afraid of speaking out.  

And for some, it is just greed. The doctor who gave Maddie her shots admitted in a recent interview that before the Pfizer trials, he was a nobody. But since his participation, he has gone from receiving roughly 500,000 dollars a year in funding to approximately 4 million!

Maddie was finally accurately diagnosed, and no, she did not have “anxiety” after all. A team of top-notch neurologists NOT affiliated with CCH or Pfizer ran her through a gamut of tests her doctors, CCH and Pfizer refused to administer.  

The tests identified Maddie’s true ailments: Vaccine Adverse Reaction resulting in Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), Small Fiber Neuropathy and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

In other words, the Pfizer shot has attacked and destroyed the protective coating surrounding the nerves throughout Maddie’s body, including in her limbs, her gut lining and even her heart — all but ruining her immune system and basic body functions. It is very sad.

Pfizer will not return calls from Maddie’s mom or her lawyers. Neither will Cincinnati Childrens Hospital, the FDA or the CDC.

Despite the horrors the family has experienced, Stephanie says, “God’s been with us 100%. I’m lucky Maddie is alive, because not everybody’s kids are.”  

Lives are being cut short and/or permanently damaged by these shots that skipped the normal 7-15 years of safety testing that would have revealed these horrible side effects and stopped these dangerous drugs.

Call on the Senate to stop the shot mandates. Will YOU stand up for Maddie and the millions of shot-injured people like her? Fax the Senate now. STOP THE MANDATES!

We need YOUR HELP to keep fighting for religious and medical freedom. You can make a recurring monthly gift to fund our legal work. Every gift made today will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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