UPDATE: Final Vote on HR 8404

Dec 7, 2022

Nancy Pelosi moved the vote on HR 8404 from Tuesday to today or Thursday. We know that some members who originally voted for this bill have now pledged to vote against it. It is critical to act now and tell every member of the House to stop HR 8404!


Don’t let Nancy Pelosi force her California-style pedophile child bride marriages, same-sex marriages and gender-destruction schemes on you and your state!

Your faxes are changing minds on HR 8404. We believe that is why Pelosi was forced to delay the vote. She’s busy twisting arms for the LGBTQ bill in Washington, but YOU can defeat Nancy with your faxes now!

Even if you have contacted Congress before, please fax them NOW and demand they VOTE NO on HR 8404. Believe me, your voices are making a difference and getting their attention. —Mat

Same-Sex Marriage. Child Bride Marriages. No Religious Freedom.

This is what is at stake if HR 8404 passes the House.

Last week, the Senate approved an amended version of HR 8404. The amendment claims to protect religious freedom but, in fact, does nothing to protect Christians and other faithful religious adherents.

HR 8404 forces every state to accept, honor and obey the crazy “marriage” laws of any other state.

Beyond same-sex marriage, HR 8404 empowers a state to force its marriage laws upon other states and territories. A handful of states like California have no minimum age for marriage, resulting in the terrible abuse often referred to as “child bride marriage.” These marriages are often forced upon young minors who were sexually abused or forced into such relationships.

The bill has essentially no religious liberty protections. The fact that three religious liberty amendments were rejected by the Senate (proposed by Sens. Lee, Lankford and Rubio) in favor of the Baldwin-Collins amendment illustrates the open disdain the bill presents to religious freedom.

Targeting people of faith to silence them is part of the LGBTQ agenda. We continue to defend former Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, who was specifically targeted because of her Christian faith and support of marriage between a man and a woman.

Federalizing same-sex marriage will increase this intentional targeting of religious adherents.

Moreover, HR 8404 goes far beyond same-sex marriage. It empowers one state to impose its “marriage” laws on other states, and this includes the infamous “child bride marriage” laws of California. 

The Senate's addition of an extremely weak religious freedom amendment did not solve the ills of HR 8404. The bill is still rotten to its core. Who could in good faith condone a 50-year-old man marrying a 10-year-old child? That is legal right now in California, and if HR 8404 passes, pedophile marriages like this will be forced on your state as well.

Because HR 8404 changes federal policy, government edicts on marriage, schools and families WILL change, and all of America will be forced in one way or another to bow to the never-ending LGBTQ political agenda.

Keep in mind, the Q in LGBTQ stands for “queer,” aka “paraphilia,” a condition described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) covering about 500 sexual perversions, including necrophilia, bestiality and even “minor attracted persons” (pedophilia).

And because this federal bill removes gender from the gender-based relationship of marriage, it undermines gender altogether and opens the door to yet more child mutilation via “transgender” surgeries—all because a deviant Congress is saying gender does not matter and perversion should be embraced and even celebrated.

WE HAVE ONE MORE CHANCE TO STOP HR 8404. Help us stop this bill NOW, before it is too late. Demand the members of the U.S. House REJECT HR 8404!

Liberty Counsel has successfully defended religious freedom in courtrooms around the country and at the U.S. Supreme Court for over 30 years. Our legal services are always free. Few could afford to defend themselves against a government gone mad.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


“H.R. 8404—Respect for Marriage Act.” House of Representatives Committee on Rules. July 18, 2022. Rules.house.gov/bill/117/hr-8404.