Nov 29, 2022

More votes on the “Respect for Marriage Act” are scheduled TODAY. Unless you want to be forced to accept and obey every perversion of marriage and human sexuality under the sun, please fax the Senate now. Demand they VOTE NO on HR 8404, the act that forces every state and individual to respect, honor and obey pedophile child bride “marriages,” same-sex marriage and opens the door to polygamy and incestuous “marriages.”

Beginning late today, there will be four votes in the Senate involving three religious accommodation amendments: (1) Lee amendment #6482 (60-vote threshold); (2) Lankford amendment #6496 (simple majority); (3) Rubio amendment #6493 (simple majority); and (4) Final Passage of Cal. #449, HR 8404, Respect for Marriage Act, as amended (60-vote threshold).

Even if you have contacted Congress before, please fax them NOW and demand they VOTE NO on HR 8404. Believe me, your voices are making a difference and getting their attention. —Mat

HR 8404 forces every state and every person to respect, honor and obey the crazy marriage laws of any other state, including:

  • Pedophile “child bride” marriages.
  • Same-sex marriage.
  • And even opens the door to polygamy.

Our collective persistence is beginning to work. We now have strong allies in the Senate who are repeating the warnings we have been giving from the beginning. I know we have asked you to respond to this important action point. But I must ask again because I know how effective your faxes are alongside our physical presence on Capitol Hill.

California has no minimum age for marriage, and as a result, children as young as 10 years old have been married to men in their 40s and 50s.

Utah recently decriminalized polygamy. Many of the child bride testimonies I have sent over the last several months have been those of underage girls forced into polygamist marriages to men decades their senior who already have multiple “wives.”

While the Supreme Court in 2015 issued a terrible same-sex marriage opinion, federalizing it will carry far more consequences. Religious liberty will be in the crosshairs.

If HR 8404 passes the Senate this week, EVERY state and EVERYONE will be forced to accept these perversions.

Two weeks ago, 12 Republicans joined 50 Democrats to move HR 8404 forward on a thin promise that a religious accommodation amendment proposed by Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Susan Collins (R-ME) might be added to the bill. But the Baldwin/Collins amendment is so weak that even the radical LGBTQ group “Human Rights Campaign” did not oppose it! That amendment passed yesterday. Today there are three more amendment votes, plus the final 60-vote requirement.

Senators Mike Lee (R-UT), James Lankford (R-OK) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) submitted their own religious freedom amendments to the devious HR 8404. The various amendments were debated last night. Clearly, the fight over HR 8404 is far from over. 

But even with a religious accommodation amendment, HR 8404 is still bad—terribly bad. Creating a religious ghetto where religious adherents can temporarily hide is not the answer. HR 8404 needs to be stopped!

While a religious liberty amendment might keep some religious adherents temporarily safe, what about the impact this law will have on a federal policy involving gender, marriage and families—in schools, military, employment and more?

But even if the religious amendments are included, we should oppose this bill simply based on common sense. No one, in good faith, can defend a 50-year-old man marrying a 10-year-old child. That is why, regardless of any religious freedom amendments, HR 8404 must fail.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on HR 8404 no later than Thursday.

Help us stop this bill NOW, before it is too late. Even if you have contacted Congress before, please remind them again today, just before they vote, that we the American people REJECT the perverse HR 8404!

The movement to cancel Christianity has only grown stronger under the Biden administration. The assaults on religious freedom seem to come from every direction these days. This year alone, we have been to the U.S. Supreme Court multiple times and have dragged the Biden administration to federal court as well. If HR 8404 passes, we will defend religious freedom in court once again. Liberty Counsel WILL NEVER STOP defending religious freedom.

Our legal services are always free. Few could afford to defend themselves against a government gone mad. Instead, our clients rely on YOU, a faithful Liberty Counsel supporter. Please, help us fund the legal fight for freedom today and have YOUR GIFT’S IMPACT DOUBLED by a special Challenge Grant. Please, give generously today! Any gift before midnight, December 25, in your time zone will be DOUBLED.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


“H.R. 8404—Respect for Marriage Act.” House of Representatives Committee on Rules. July 18, 2022.