Marriage Vote Begins TODAY

Nov 28, 2022

The Senate will convene TODAY at 5:30 p.m. ET on HR 8404, a measure that will impose same-sex marriage, and force states to honor and obey California’s insane pedophilic child bride laws, along with just about every other perversion of “marriage” you can imagine.

Two weeks ago, 12 Republicans joined 50 Democrats to move HR 8404 forward on a thin promise that a religious accommodation amendment might be added to the bill. But that amendment is so weak that even the radical LGBTQ group “Human Rights Campaign” isn’t opposing it.

The debate on amendments begins today, and this week the Senate needs another 60 votes to continue HR 8404. We CAN stop this bill. The senators MUST hear from you.

Neither you, your business, your pastor nor your church will be safe from HR 8404 respecting the truth about God’s design for gender and marriage.

The Senate will vote and must hear from you. Please, for the love of America’s children, fax the Senate NOW and tell them to VOTE NO on HR 8404! —Mat

HR 8404 forces every state to honor and obey any definition of “marriage” that any state can dream up.

First, HR 8404 will federalize same-sex marriage and establish a public policy that gender is irrelevant—and thus empower the transgender movement.

Second, HR 8404 goes far beyond same-sex marriage because it empowers one state to set national marriage policy—including pedophilic “child bride” marriages, incestuous marriage and more.

Third, even the bill’s co-sponsors admit a so-called “drafting error” opens the door for polygamy, but the Senate has not fixed the “drafting error.”

Fourth, while a “religious freedom” amendment has been proposed, it is so weak that even Human Rights Campaign, a pro-trans child mutilation group supports the measure.

Contact as many senators as you can and forward this email to as many people as possible. This week is critical to stop HR 8404.

As I noted, even the co-sponsors of the bill acknowledge the problem HR 8404 opens regarding polygamy. Utah decriminalized polygamy. It is now merely the equivalent of a traffic fine. California already allows adults to marry a child of any age—even 10-year-old girls have been sexually abused and coerced into marrying grown men in their 50s. This bill will expand child bride abuse.

Help us stop this bill NOW, before it is too late. Even if you have contacted Congress before, please remind them again today, just before they vote, that we the American people REJECT the perverse HR8404!

In addition to your faxes to the Senate, remember our Challenge Grant will DOUBLE THE IMAPCT of your gift. Join our winning team.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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