Likely Vote on Monday

Nov 25, 2022

URGENT UPDATE: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is planning on a series of votes beginning MONDAY on the gender-bending, natural-marriage-ending HR 8404. If Schumer succeeds—your pastor, your church and even YOU—will become a target of this terrible bill that imposes same-sex marriage on the nation, expands abusive child bride marriages, opens the door for polygamy and establishes a public policy that will expand “trans” child mutilation surgeries or any other perversions.

On Monday, the Senate will debate several amendments, and will then need to garner another 60 votes to proceed. We can stop HR 8404 if we don’t get weary. The senators must hear from you.

Even if you have faxed Congress, please do so right now to let these senators know that the American people WILL NOT tolerate the further spread of the radical LGBTQ agenda that will trash religious freedom.

HR 8404 has its roots in a dark history, the consequences of which harms children. To develop material for his infamous 1948 book, Alfred Kinsey’s “research” used more than 800 children, some as young as 5 months old, who were repeatedly raped. Their abuse was documented and sickeningly celebrated to justify pushing a variety of sexual perversions. The result? Ages of consent were lowered, as were penalties for rape. And “sex education” began to be taught in America’s public schools.

As the years passed, homosexuality was promoted, and same-sex marriage   was implemented in states across the country. And now, Congress is poised to pass a bill that will not only destroy marriage in every state but will also let pedophiles marry children.

If the deliberately misnamed Respect for Marriage Act (HR 8404/S 4556) passes, EVERY state will be required to accept and honor the perverse pedophile-enabling laws of states like California. Please, take a moment to protect our children. Fax senators to VOTE NO on HR 8404, then read on to learn the rest of the story. —Mat

An academic and counseling organization called “B4U-ACT” advocates for pedophiles—now euphemistically called “minor-attracted persons.”

Critical Criminology cited B4U-ACT in a recent piece designed to help normalize pedophilia. Titled “Minor Attraction: A Queer Criminological Issue,” the article claims that pedophilia is not an evil and abusive perversion, but simply a “sexual identity.”

The authors seek to “argue for the use of queer criminology as a framework for future research with minor-attracted populations, which could have important implications for criminal justice practice and policy.” In other words, pedophilia is just another “sexual identity,” not a criminal offense.

Now “minor attracted persons,” aka pedophiles, will be given the chance to MARRY children in all 50 states if some members of Congress get their way.

I have recently written to you about many of the “child brides” we have learned about in our research. Shirley was 10, Xiong was 12 and Pat was 13 years old when they were forced to marry adults decades older than themselves.

These girls were forced into sexual slavery in a handful of states that allow pedophiles to marry children. Sadly, these girls were far from the only victims of pedophile-enabling child bride laws. Between the years 2000 and 2018, there were more than 300,000 “child brides” in America.

If HR 8404 passes, every state will be forced to “respect” the marriage laws of any other state, no matter how perverse the law. If this measure passes, federal law will require states that prohibit child marriages to return a “runaway child bride” to her abuser if the two were “married” in a child-marriage-enabling state.

The empowerment of this evil can be traced back to two perverse books by Dr. Alfred Kinsey. Published in 1948 and 1953, respectively, the books were entitled Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. In developing these books, Kinsey paid pedophiles and pimps to rape, molest and abuse people of every age.

In Table 34 of his 1948 book, Kinsey cited the “work” of one of his team’s child rapists by the name of Rex King, who kept detailed handwritten diaries regarding the more than 800 children he raped. Among the entries in this horrific table are lists detailing the physical reactions of 5-month-old babies to sexual acts performed on them.

Other entries on the table list the physical reactions of children throughout a range of ages when repeatedly raped over a 24-hour period.

Kinsey was clearly evil beyond measure. But a billionaire’s charity funded and promoted Kinsey’s evil work, pushing it for national acceptance. According to the Philanthropy News Digest, “The Rockefeller Foundation became the primary financial backer of Kinsey's research,” which led to the publication of his 1948 book.

The details of Table 34 are sickening. Kinsey hated God, and he wanted to abolish Judeo-Christian values and morals. His method was to advocate for the removal of all standards of decency pertaining to human sexuality—which, in turn, would open the door to pedophilia and much more.

In 1953, Kinsey’s work was used to justify changing the Model Penal Code. Kinsey’s premise insisted that any suppression or moral code regarding any sort of sexual behavior, no matter how deviant, was repressive and harmful.

As a result of Kinsey’s work, many state laws were changed in 1953 to lower the age of consent for sex, as well as reduce penalties for rape. The movement was undergirded by the evil pedophilia studies conducted by this madman and his select team of child rapists.

Kinsey’s work was instrumental in getting schools to begin teaching “sexual education” to America’s children. Now some public schools instruct kids as young as kindergarten age about deviant sex and choosing your “gender identity.” And because Kinsey celebrated perversion and abnormal sexual relationships, his work also led to same-sex marriage laws.

Not content with the damage already being done to our nation’s children, lunatics in Congress want to change state laws again, this time to allow pedophiles like Kinsey to marry their child rape victims. Sadly, if the so-called Respect for Marriage Act passes, there will not be a legal thing you and I can do to help victimized children because federal law will prohibit it!

Even if a child bride married to a pedophile in California managed to escape to a non-child-bride state like Florida, federal law would require Florida to return that child bride to her abuser.

Let’s stop this evil bill NOW before any more little girls and boys become victims of a pedophile looking for an underage victim to marry. Let’s stand up for our nation’s innocent children.

Please help us fight Kinsey’s sick and twisted sexual perversion and those in Congress pushing it. Fax Congress NOW and tell them to LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE! VOTE NO on HR 8404/S 4556!

Liberty Counsel is busier than ever. We continue to defend the U.S. military against Joe Biden’s attempts to push Christians and religious adherents out of the military. We have also been busy with the cases we won at the Court of Appeals involving Christian counselors and their clients. We continue to defend pro-life warrior Sandra Merritt who exposed Planned Parenthood’s “Baby Parts for Sale” scheme. We continue working with thousands of people facing illegal COVID jab mandates plus much more. And we continue to fight for life in multiple state Supreme Courts.

I invite you to partner us in our vital work. Every donation to Liberty Counsel right now will be DOUBLED in impact through our Challenge Grant.


Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel
Founder and Chairman

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