She Will NOT Be Silenced

Nov 17, 2022

Yesterday, 12 Republicans joined with 50 Democrats to move the same-sex marriage bill forward. This battle is not over, the final bill has not passed. Later today I will send you a video about speaking from my heart about the next steps. NEVER GIVE UP! In the meantime, today we have thousands of service members who need our help. I want to share Mary’s story with you.

Mary* overcame a brutal rape and the soul-crushing emotional pain of a resulting abortion through the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. But Joe Biden is trying to force Mary right back into her darkest days, demanding she deny Christ’s command over her life. I will share more about Mary’s remarkable story, her appeal that I will be arguing at the Court of Appeals in December and what Liberty Counsel is doing in this critical battle to defend these brave heroes. — Mat

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Mary* wasn’t raised in a Christian home. She kind of knew God existed but didn’t think the Creator of the Universe knew or cared one whit about her.

As a teen, Mary was brutally raped. The assault left bruises on her body and a baby in her womb. Out of humiliation and anger, she chose to have an abortion. But the procedure left scars on Mary’s soul. The humiliation of her rape was compounded by the shame of taking her unborn child’s life. Mary hated herself.

Two years later, Mary joined the U.S. Marine Corps, hoping service would wash the painful stain from her soul. And while Mary’s exemplary service, including combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, brought her success and promotions up to the rank of Lt. Colonel, guilt locked Mary’s heart in shame. She condemned herself as a murderer and tortured herself in a number of ways.

Praise God, Mary met another Marine, a Christian man, who introduced her to life in Christ. The two married. Now both face Biden’s unlawful shot mandate.

Mary’s husband taught her about the saving grace, forgiveness and new life Jesus Christ offers. Her guilt and shame were washed away. Mary was born again.

Mary and her husband continued to serve in the Marine Corps. After more than 20 years of service, Mary now has many medals, citations and the rank of Lt. Colonel. Mary and her husband attend church faithfully at home and while deployed, and she has even set up her own ministry to help less privileged communities. Mary shares her powerful testimony of God’s love, grace and forgiveness whenever the Holy Spirit leads.

Mary’s story is a wonderful example of how God can turn even the greatest shame and heartbreak into something glorious.

But Joe Biden and his Department of Defense (DOD) are trying to force Mary to deny her deeply held Christian beliefs in order to remain in the Marine Corps. We obtained an order from the federal court blocking the mandate, but the DOD has challenged the order, and on December 14, I will be defending the injunction at the Court of Appeals.

Every one of the available COVID jabs utilized the cells of aborted children in their testing and/or development. God has forgiven and healed Mary from the shame, pain and emotional scars of her own abortion. There is no way she could even consider allowing a medical product developed using an aborted child’s cells to be injected into her body.

Mary and her husband understand that abortion steals the life of an innocent child. As a result, Mary and her husband REFUSE to take any of the available injections. Taking these shots would put Mary in the position of reliving her rape and the subsequent abortion. But worse yet, taking those abortion-derived COVID shots would be a rejection and denial of Christ’s work in Mary’s life and her family’s ministry.

Mary’s husband, George, shared this powerful statement. He said:

If our service and sacrifice mean nothing to the leaders in those key positions, that is between them and God. But our service and sacrifice for freedom up until now means nothing if we surrender to evil instead of standing for freedom. So, whoever may judge me, I will stand before God and men, with my conscience clear and my honor clean.

MARY’S APPEAL FOR AN EXEMPTION WAS DENIED, as was her husband’s. Absent a permanent injunction in our class action lawsuit, Mary and her husband will be discharged from the Marine Corps. I argue Mary’s case on December 14, and then in January, we return to court seeking permanent relief for ALL Marines.

Biden is kicking honorable Christian heroes like Mary out of the military. Like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Bible, these faithful believers refuse to reject God in favor of lawless government edicts.

The LAW is NOT on Joe Biden’s side.

Biden’s Department of Defense is attempting to bury us in paperwork to thwart us from winning justice for our plaintiffs. Our attorneys have been working around the clock. Today, two of our attorneys are in Washington, D.C., taking the deposition of the DOD’s “expert” witness. We are stretched, but WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL EVERY MEMBER OF THE U.S. MILITARY HAS THEIR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORED!

We have A LOT more work ahead. We have not seen such tyranny in our lifetime. Pray for our team so we can overcome these evil mandates. And please pray for the service members now awaiting their fate.

Please help us help these military heroes, federal employees and civilian contractors. You can help us with a generous gift today. Please, stand with us and those who faithfully defend American freedom!

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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