URGENT: Senate Vote Today on HR 8404!

Nov 16, 2022

The U.S. Senate is set to vote TODAY on HR 8404. We have been informed that up to 11 Republicans could join with 50 Democrats to pass the “(Dis)Respect for Marriage Act.” Even if you have sent faxes or made calls, please do so again. This is the highest priority.

HR 8404 will harm people like Libby Littlewood. She accepted Christ at 6 years old. But life threw some terrible curveballs at the child. By the time she was a teenager, Libby was living as a man. Today you’ll read the moving story of a girl lost and damaged but redeemed and returned to wholeness by our Lord! Libby now uses her story to save others from the trans-propaganda that cost her so much.

But folks like Libby who have left the gender-bending LGBTQ won’t be able to speak out against the damage the trans-pushers do to our children, if Chuck Schumer gets his way. Schumer intends to pass HR 8404 TODAY! We must stop him!

This bill will not protect the religious beliefs of people like the Christian website designer with 303 Creative. Her case will be argued before the Supreme Court next month. We filed a brief in her defense. HR 8404 will overturn any victory from that case, and she will be forced to create websites celebrating same-sex marriage.

Please, even if you have done so before, take a moment to FAX THE SENATE NOW. Senators need to be flooded with messages demanding they VOTE NO on HR 8404. Fax now, then read on for Libby’s story. —Mat

But by the time Libby was 12, her life was falling apart. Her parents were in the throes of divorce. At the same time, the family’s pastor left the church, and the congregation dissolved. Libby felt so lost and alone.

In typical preteen fashion, Libby hit an “awkward stage.” However, because of the turmoil in her home life and bullying by girls in school, she developed a severe case of body dysphoria. Libby hated the way she looked.

“After some frantic internet research, I discovered the term ‘transgender’ and my heart sank,” Libby says. “I didn’t want a life filled with major surgeries and artificial hormone injections but all the resources I could find assured me that if I were transgender, then that would be the best and fullest kind of life I could hope to lead.”

“I spent so much time praying to God to turn me into a ‘real girl’ or a ‘full boy’ — I didn’t want to find myself in the middle of the sexes because of what I understood to be a mismatch between my sex and my gender,” Libby says. “God patiently told me to wait so I sought therapy, hoping that it would help me to align myself with being female.”

But instead of encouraging the young girl to trust God’s design for sexuality, the therapist encouraged Libby to “explore cross-dressing and sexuality.”

The turmoil in Libby’s life grew worse. He mother died when she was 16, and her father’s new marriage was tumultuous. Libby ran away. Life on the streets is hard for a girl, so “transitioning” to a man seemed safe. Libby began taking testosterone at 18. She even convinced herself that being a “man” must be God’s plan for her life.

But the wonderful thing about our Lord is, once you accept Him into your life, he never lets you go.

God started calling Libby back to the church when she was 21 years old.

“That’s when He started working on me — giving me prophetic visions and dreams and filling me with the desire to read His Word,” Libby says. Throughout the course of that year, the Lord worked on Libby’s heart.

By the time she turned 22, God “convicted me that He never created me to be a man and that I needed to start living as a woman again,” says Libby, who further says she initially only reluctantly obeyed. But “since then my life has been blessing after blessing. Jesus was with me all the way.”

Libby’s story reminds me of Proverbs 22:6. That tiny seed of Jesus placed in Libby’s heart as a girl gave the Lord room to later free her from the prison she had been locked in for nearly a decade.

Libby now tells her story in hopes that other girls will trust the Lord’s design for their lives.

But if HR 8404 passes the Senate, detransitioned girls like Libby won’t be able to speak out against the deadly LGBTQ agenda that mutilates children.

HR 8404 seeks to abolish gender even as it seeks to force all states to accept and obey same-sex marriage, pedophilic child-bride laws and more. Deliberately misnamed the “Respect for Marriage Act,” this bill seeks to DESTROY marriage and gender along with it. And more girls like Libby will be deceived into mutilating their bodies.

Please, help us STOP THIS BILL! The vote is close! Schumer only needs four more senators to ram this travesty down America’s throat. Please, for the love of our children, fax the Senate NOW!

In related legal news …

This bill will also effectively BAN Christian counseling for people wrestling with gender confusion, body dysphoria and unwanted same-sex desires. And God-loving girls like Libby will only be allowed to seek counseling from therapists who have bought into the trans-pusher’s lies.

This summer, Liberty Counsel’s lawsuit forced the City of Boca Raton to drop its ban that prohibited licensed counselors from providing counsel to minors who desperately desire to conform their attractions, behaviors and gender identities with their religious beliefs.

In Otto et al. v. City of Boca Raton, FL, et al., the 11th Circuit Court struck down Boca’s discriminatory ban. As a result of our Otto case, counselors in Florida, Georgia and Alabama are free to help their minor clients, and these children are free to seek and receive the lifesaving therapy they need!

But there is still much work to be done. The Otto ruling only affects three states—Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Liberty Counsel continues to defend counselors, but now we are also forced to fight radicals in Congress who want to ban this lifesaving counseling nationwide.

Please, help fund our legal fight for Christian counseling. When you do, a Challenge Grant will DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your donation.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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