Silencing Childhood Victims

Nov 11, 2022

A reporter for a nationally recognized “news” magazine is preparing a hit piece that threatens to expose a once-suicidal girl’s pediatric history—all because this brave young woman dared speak out against the LGBTQ propaganda that pushed the surgery that permanently mutilated her body.

If the extremists in Congress get their way, NO ONE will be able to speak out against the push to mutilate girls to appear like boys and boys like girls—not your counselors, not your church and not even the kids already injured by the LGBTQ agenda. We must fight now, with all our might, to protect America’s children. Read on. —Mat

STOP the deadly push to turn our girls into boys. STOP H.Res. 1209, while we are still allowed to speak out! Demand Congress VOTE NO on the Transgender Bill of Rights!


Chloe Cole had just turned 18. Her years as a minor were marked with loneliness, confusion and suicidal thoughts. A slim girl and a tomboy, Chloe did not feel like she fit in.

Medical professionals convinced Chloe’s parents that gender-confused children committed suicide if their God-given genitalia were not removed. Chloe was only 13 when therapists put her on cross-sex hormones. She was 15 when her breasts were surgically removed. 

A little over a year after Chloe’s breasts were sliced from her pubescent body, she realized she had been brainwashed by the LGBTQ community and complicit “medical professionals” into making a horrendous mistake with lifelong impact. Chloe realized that she was not “born in the wrong body” and that she never would be male no matter how many surgeries she submitted to and how many cross-sex hormones she took.

Now this brave young woman, just 18 years old, is speaking out against the dangers of the LBGTQ’s agenda to mutilate children. Chloe has organized other kids and adults who were deceived by the LGBTQ establishment, but who are “detransitioning” back into the bodies God gave them.

The LGBTQ “mafia” does not want Chloe’s or any other opposing voice to be heard. They are trying to pressure Chloe into silence.

A reporter purporting to be writing for Slate magazine recently searched internet forums trying to dig up any dirt on Chloe’s troubled youth. The reporter is Evan Urquhart, a “trans man” who was born female. Previously known as a self-described “butch dyke” named Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart, she now “identifies” as a man and is furious that Chloe has gained so much traction fighting the trans-pushers' agenda to mutilate children.

Yet, Congress wants to advance the mutilation of children with H.Res. 1209.

Urquhart has written several anti-detransition articles for Slate and other online outlets. But those previous articles were focused on adults in the rapidly growing “detrans” (regret) movement.

This time, Urquhart chose to attack a child. Not content with simply exposing a minor’s medical and mental health history for all the world to see, Urquhart went even further. In a post to a trans group to which Chloe had once belonged, Urquhart asked readers to contact her with any salacious “light speculation” on Chloe.

Chloe learned of the reporter’s scheme and called out Urquhart on Twitter, noting the reporter never bothered to contact her for comment. Chloe also tweeted that the reporter would learn little more about her past than the fact that she was a seriously confused, depressed and suicidal child. 

Urquhart responded with a series of taunts, saying, “if there’s anything weird in your past, don’t worry Ima [sic] find it.”

The lengths the trans-pushers will go to silence any dissent is simply astounding. But if Nancy Pelosi gets her way, children already harmed by the trans-pushers will be legally silenced, along with doctors, medical professionals, churches, pastors and even parents.

Desperate to ram their gender-bending sexual sickness down America’s throat, Pelosi is scheming to pass the “Transgender Bill of Rights.” This travesty would put the extreme LGBTQ lobby and their lapdog politicians in authority over YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

If the so-called Transgender Bill of Rights passes, kids already harmed by trans “therapies” and surgeries will not be allowed to speak out. You will not be given the opportunity to protect God’s plan for gender and sexuality.

Beyond the other evils of H.Res. 1209, doctors will be forced to comply with gender-bending requests, and parents will have no say.

Will you take a stand right now for our children’s future? You can help us stop this horrific bill! Fax Congress now and sign our petition demanding Congress VOTE NO on H.Res. 1209—the “Transgender Bill of Rights!”

In related legal news … the rabid left also wants to BAN Christian counseling for people wrestling with gender confusion, body dysphoria and unwanted same-sex desires. This summer, our fight defending Christian counselors and their clients, Otto et al. v. City of Boca Raton, FL, et al., went to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals where we achieved a resounding win!

The appellate court struck down ordinances that prohibited licensed counselors from providing counsel to minors who desperately desire to conform their attractions, behaviors and identities to their religious beliefs.

As a result of our Otto case, counselors in Florida, Georgia and Alabama are free to help their minor clients, and these children are free to seek and receive the lifesaving therapy they need!

But there is still much work to be done. About half the states and scores of municipalities have similar counseling bans. The Otto ruling only affects the three states—Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

Liberty Counsel continues to defend counselors and clients, but now we are also forced to fight radicals in Congress who want to ban this lifesaving counseling nationwide.

Please, help fund the legal fight for Christian counseling. When you do, a Challenge Grant will DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your donation.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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