Here's Why She Wants a Lamborghini

Sep 29, 2022

Democrat senators are having constant conversations, brainstorming how to pass an abortion bill. Kamala Harris says she “cannot wait” to cast the deciding vote to kill the Senate filibuster rule and force abortion down our throats. Meanwhile, our client Sandra Merritt is threatened with up to 10 years in prison for exposing the gruesome way in which the abortion industry makes some of its biggest money—selling baby body parts.

We cannot allow this evil to continue in our land. Please, take a moment right now to fax legislators demanding they VOTE NO on ABORTION! Then read on to hear what our client uncovered. —Mat

Kamala Harris told donors just weeks ago that she “cannot wait to cast the deciding vote to break the filibuster” so that abortion is forced on all of America.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has already declared abortion to be among his top priorities, and he, too, appears to be willing to destroy the filibuster to ensure rivers of blood continue pouring from the abortion mills selling butchered baby parts at an enormous profit ... just as pro-life hero Sandra Merritt exposed. Schumer only needs two more votes to abolish the filibuster and pass an abortion bill—among many other evil bills.

The abortion bills Sen. Schumer is pushing are so extreme they will do all the following:

- Remove parental notification and consent, which means minors will have unfettered access to abortion for all 9 months.

- Erase ultrasound requirements.

- Eliminate informed consent requirements.

- Dismiss waiting periods.

- Cancel admitting privileges mandates for abortionists to provide continuing care to a mother after a botched abortion.

- Throw open the door to chemical abortions via Skype or Zoom.

- Ban any “prohibition or restriction on a particular abortion procedure” prior to “fetal viability.” This permits the gruesome “partial birth abortion” procedure—all while the baby is still alive.

- And throw out every other restriction by stating “access to abortion shall not be limited or otherwise infringed.”

Our senators need to hear from you, demanding our nation close this bloody chapter of federal government forcing states to offer abortions.
For nearly 50 years, unelected Supreme Court ideologues invented a “right” to kill preborn children and thereby forced states to stand back while their children were slaughtered.

We must never travel down that road again. Untold millions of lives will be lost if we do not stop the shedding of innocent blood through abortion.
Sen. Schumer, by using Rule 14, can bring this bill to the Senate floor at any moment. We fought hard to overturn Roe v. Wade at the U.S. Supreme Court and we cannot let this victory be in vain.

What we exposed in court. . .

Our client, Sandra Merritt, exposed the horrific reality of the abortion industry in 2015 when she released a series of undercover videos to the world proving that the abortion industry was butchering babies alive in an outrageous human organ trafficking scheme.

But instead of the doctors and companies involved going to prison, the State of California is trying to put the whistleblower behind bars for a decade. That is in addition to a sickening 16 million dollars in civil fines for publicly humiliating multibillion-dollar abortion giant Planned Parenthood!

In the civil case, the judge refused to allow us to enter the videos because he did not want the jury to see the truth. But while Dr. Mary Gatter was on the stand, she admitted the reason she was negotiating for a higher price was because: “I want a Lamborghini.” This is the underbelly of the abortion world. This is what Schumer and 52 senators (thus far) want to continue.

Liberty Counsel was back in court Monday defending Sandra against the State of California’s bogus criminal prosecution. We will be there again in November and expect a criminal jury trial to be scheduled shortly thereafter.

This has been the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel history!

WE NEED YOUR HELP DEFENDING SANDRA MERRITT! Liberty Counsel never charges for our services. Few people could afford to defend themselves against blood-drenched, multibillion-dollar abortion corporations or their government lapdogs.  

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Mat Staver

Founder and Chairman

P.S. You can also sign our petition to urge Congress to VOTE NO on Abortion and Preserve the Filibuster.