Orchestra Hits a Sour Note

Sep 23, 2022

Yet another employer thought it could fire Christian employees despite their sincerely held religious beliefs. Liberty Counsel filed suit Wednesday against Artis-Naples Philharmonic. Meanwhile, appalling new evidence has arisen showing the COVID-19 shots are far more deadly than Anthony Fauci and his shot pushers want to admit.

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About 15 minutes after Alice* took her first Moderna shot, her mouth and face went numb. Within 30 minutes, her throat began to swell closed. She was having difficulty breathing and began to experience sharp pains in her chest. The “professionals” running the program told Alice she was simply experiencing “anxiety” and told her to go home, despite the fact she was too weak and dizzy to drive.

Unfortunately for Alice, she received an injection from Moderna shot lot #042L20a. This specific manufacturing lot had more than triple the number of injuries as other Moderna lots produced before and after Alice’s. Shockingly, other lots had even greater numbers of injuries.

Thirteen days after the jab, Alice was still having chest pains and difficulty breathing. Intense pain shot from Alice’s heart to her neck, and her heart was racing and palpitating. “I started to feel this intense vibration inside of me and it wouldn’t turn off,” Alice says. “I couldn’t sleep or eat, I just couldn’t function like I once did.”

Against this background information, Naples Philharmonic wants our highly skilled plaintiffs to violate their religious beliefs and get the jab. That is why we filed suit.

Alice’s body was rejecting the drug that had been shot into her arm. Painful muscle spasms wracked her body constantly. She was dizzier than she had ever been in her life, and her head felt like it was splitting. Nauseous and weak, Alice lost 7 pounds in the first week after the shot.

The emergency room noted that Alice’s blood pressure had skyrocketed from her normal 120/80 to 207/112. Doctors told her she had a “panic disorder,” a false label we have seen many doctors apply to COVID shot-injured patients when these injuries go against the official “safe and effective” narrative.

As a result of the anxiety diagnosis, Alice began seeing a psychologist who informed her that what she was experiencing was NOT anxiety and that she needed to seek better medical advice ASAP.

There are serious problems with the shots ...

Several doctors and medical researchers have begun noticing that certain lots of the vaccine, regardless of manufacturer, are causing more injuries than others. An intense study of those more injurious lots revealed that the chemical composition of the drug varied from vial to vial.

Multiple investigations have now found that the “lot-to-lot variability” of the COVID shots has been “unacceptably high” … and is deadly dangerous, no matter who produced the shot.

Some Moderna lots are causing 50 times the number of disabilities and deaths as other Moderna lots. Pfizer and Janssen COVID drugs did not fare much better, with some lots causing 30 times more disability and death than others produced by the same manufacturer.

One shot lot in particular, Pfizer lot #EM0477, had more than 500% as many shot injuries and deaths as Alice’s bad shot!

Despite all evidence and the law, some employers still think they can force employees to take these jabs. Liberty Counsel is fighting back.

Artis-Naples, a visual and performing arts nonprofit organization in Southwest Florida, violated Florida and federal law by unlawfully discriminating against and terminating employees in connection with its shot mandate.

Our three plaintiffs were longstanding musicians for the Naples Philharmonic for a combination of 82 years. As committed Christians, they will not violate their religious convictions and accept the COVID injections, all of which are associated with aborted fetal cells.

On May 16, 2022, Liberty Counsel sent the Naples Philharmonic a demand letter, reminding the orchestra of both federal and state law that prohibits them from firing these individuals. Shockingly, Naples Philharmonic chose to flagrantly violate the law anyway and fired these fine employees.

Liberty Counsel filed suit against the Naples Philharmonic on September 21, 2022.

In addition to the federal law known as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Florida law imposes an automatic, nondiscretionary legal obligation on all Florida employers to exempt their employees from COVID shot requirements. Once an employee requests such an exemption, Florida employers have no choice but to grant it.

No one should be forced to inject this or any substance into their bodies, especially when doing so violates their sincere religious beliefs.

Liberty Counsel will not allow ANY entity to rob Americans of their precious religious freedom.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*Name changed for privacy.


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