"Hot Lots" Raising Concern and Questions

Sep 22, 2022

Kathleen* is thankful to be alive after her Pfizer jab caused a series of mini strokes and blood clots in her brain. Newly released research shows these shots are more dangerous than anyone suspected.

While many areas of the country have dropped shot mandates, Joe Biden continues to demand our military members take these dangerous drugs.

Liberty Counsel is defending the right of every American to refuse the shot mandates. We continue to defend military members, health care workers, employees and students against these deadly and unlawful mandates. But we need YOUR help.

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Kathleen took the first dose of the Pfizer COVID shot at 1:30 p.m. on July 22, 2021. Almost immediately, Kathleen’s body began to ache. Her breathing was short and her chest tight. She went to bed that night with pain creeping up her calf and a tingling sensation in her hands and feet.

The symptoms were worse the next day, prompting her family doctor to advise her to rest up, but not to take the second jab. On the third day after the shot, Kathleen’s symptoms of pain and chest tightness evolved into something much worse.

“I began having strange episodes of confusion, loss of balance, a pain behind my right eye, dizziness, blurred vision,” says Kathleen, who felt like she was having an out-of-body experience. “I was unable to understand what the people on TV were saying and couldn’t understand words that were on the screen. I knew they were words, but I couldn’t make sense of them.”

A neurologist found that the shot had caused blood clots in Kathleen’s brain, resulting in a series of mini strokes. She is thankful to be alive.

Kathleen still struggles with short-term memory loss and brain fog. Neuropathic pain wracks her feet, and she remains on heavy blood thinners to ensure the shot-induced clots do not give her any more strokes.

And then there is the clotting Kathleen experienced. For over a year, strange blood clots have been appearing in shot takers. Despite increasing reports of stroke, thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, shot proponents continued telling us that the shots do not cause blood clots and are perfectly safe.

Yet, in March 2021, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) quietly restricted the Johnson & Johnson shots to adults over the age of 18 … because they caused blood clots.

In June 2021, Israeli researchers announced that the Pfizer shots were also causing strange blood clots. That report was ignored. Again, the public was informed the shots were safe.

One year later, several studies now prove the Pfizer shots cause thrombosis (debilitating and often deadly blood clots) in several areas of the body … but shot proponents and Joe Biden’s CDC keep telling us the COVID shots are “safe.”

Meanwhile, the news wires continue to fill up with unusual stories of long, stringy blood clots being pulled from the limbs of once healthy individuals. And the U.S. government’s own VAERS system shows entry after entry of injuries and deaths caused by blood clots in the brain, heart, lungs and limbs of previously healthy adults.

Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci can keep insisting that the shots are safe and effective, but we know the truth, and science is on our side.

That is why Liberty Counsel continues to intensely fight on behalf of people still being forced to take the COVID jabs. Despite the mounting alarming evidence proving the shots to be dangerous, Joe Biden and some of his cronies are STILL trying to force members of the U.S. military to take these deadly jabs.

The Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Marines now have class certification, and preliminary injunctions protect religious exemption requesters in those branches until the full merits of each case are heard. We expect to secure the same certification and protection for the Coast Guard and Army soon. 

Our brave military members have sacrificed to preserve and protect OUR freedom. Won’t you consider making a recurring monthly gift to support their legal defense? A generous Challenge Grant will DOUBLE THE IMPACT of every donation made today!

Finally, please pray for all our military service members, and especially those already injured by Joe’s jabs.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*Name changed to protect privacy.


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