Genevieve Is Begging You to Listen

Sep 20, 2022

The mother of 15-year-old Genevieve forced her to marry a 43-year-old man who had been grooming her for months. Now free of the abuse, Genevieve runs The Resiliency Project, a group focused on ending pedophilia-driven child marriage that so badly damaged her own young life.

But Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) along with Sens. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Susan Collins (R-ME) are pushing HR 8404, the so-called Respect for Marriage Act, that perverts and destroys the institution of marriage. Friday, Baldwin announced she just needs a little more time to gather a few more Republican votes needed to pass the bill.

We CANNOT allow Schumer, Baldwin, Collins and other radicals to pass this bill! Please, take a moment right now to fax Congress demanding they VOTE NO on HR 8404. Then read on for an update. — Mat


Genevieve’s home life left a lot to be desired. Her mother and stepfather were verbally and physically abusive, bouncing from one derelict rental to another for much of her young life. Genevieve looked for any beauty she could find in the run-down trailer park where they once lived. She often admired the neatly trimmed grass and bright rose bushes in her neighbor’s yard.

The neighbor began chatting with Genevieve, striking up a “friendship” with the girl, and even inviting her inside for “visits.” It was not long before the twice-divorced father of two invited Genevieve into his house and began kissing her. Horrified, Genevieve stopped visiting. But the man kept calling.

Psychologists and prosecutors call this behavior “child grooming.” Pedophiles (or the Orwellian term, “minor attracted persons”) befriend and establish emotional connections with a potential victim in order to lower the target’s sexual inhibitions and prepare the child to willingly accept sexual violation.

Genevieve’s mother overheard one of the phone calls and alerted the police. But then her mom decided to drop the charges on condition the man marry her daughter. Rather than face statutory rape charges that would have cost him his freedom as well as custody of his children, he agreed.

Genevieve was given no choice but to go along with the scheme.

The adults in Genevieve’s life tried to marry her off to this man in three different states before finally driving half-way across the country to one of the few states that would wed a 15-year-old girl to a 43-year-old man.

Genevieve remembers crying all the way to Mississippi. Her soon-to-be husband kept telling her that he was “saving her.”

“It’s like, which … door do I want to walk through? Do I want to stay here with my mom and her antics and who knows what the hell is next? Or go marry this guy that at least didn’t beat me? I didn't understand my value.”

Genevieve also did not think she had a choice. She was a 15-year-old kid, sent thousands of miles from home by her own parents to marry the pedophile that had been grooming her for abuse.

“You have to be 21 to drink. You have to be 16 to operate a car. Why on earth are the ages lower to enter into a lifelong commitment such as marriage? It does not make any sense,” Genevieve says.

Benjamin Barton, a psychologist at the University of Idaho, agrees. Barton explains that the human brain is still developing between the ages of 13 and 20, particularly in the area of abstract thought capabilities. As a result, teenagers tend to be absolutist and idealist, but not very good at making profound, life-changing decisions.

The lack of brain development makes kids a target for abuse, says Barton.

Teena McBride serves as the executive director of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center in Idaho Falls, ID. McBride says that older men who chase young girls do so because women their own age are not interested in them. Adult women recognize there is something wrong with these men, says McBride, so the men seek out younger and more vulnerable girls.

Sen. Schumer and his band of marriage-destroying cronies in Washington apparently don’t see a problem with 43-year-old men marrying little girls. Instead, Schumer and company are pushing HR 8404, a deliberately misnamed bill that seeks to force every state to respect, honor and obey the marriage laws of any other state—no matter how sick those laws may be.

If HR 8404 passes, girls like Genevieve will be trapped. Despite being “married,” kids like her are still treated as minors under the law. They cannot get a library card, a driver's license or a divorce. If a child tries to leave a pedophile spouse, law enforcement treats the child as a runaway and returns the child to the abuser.

Child marriage is just “organized child abuse,” says Genevieve, who finally managed to escape her awful circumstances. In 2019, she started The Resilience Foundation, using her own experiences to help educate others on child sexual abuse. Her goal is to end child marriages once and for all.

YOU can help Genevieve and girls like her by demanding Congress stop Schumer’s sick marriage-destroying bill.

Last week, Schumer tried to bring HR 8404 to the floor for an initial cloture vote. He was just a few votes short of what is needed to move the measure forward. But the anti-marriage folks are not giving up.

Sen. Baldwin states: “We’ve asked Leader Schumer for additional time, and we appreciate he has agreed. We are confident that when our legislation comes to the Senate floor for a vote, we will have the bipartisan support to pass the bill.” (emphasis added)

Democrats (and four Republicans) are confident they will eventually pass this bill. But they have always underestimated right-minded Americans like YOU! Because of our efforts and your voice, we stopped the vote from passing this week, but WE MUST NOT REST UNTIL HR 8404 IS DEAD!

We must make clear that we the people will not tolerate voting for this perverse bill! Not now, not after the midterms and not ever!

Make your voice heard with faxes demanding Congress VOTE NO on HR 8404!

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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