The Highest Child Bride Rate In America

Sep 19, 2022

In Idaho, a 39-year-old having sex with a 13-year-old is legally classified as rape or lewd conduct with a minor, which is punishable by life in prison—unless the 39-year-old pedophile managed to marry the 13-year-old child he raped. It’s insane, but incidents like these take place every day in America.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is using Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) to rally Republicans around a bill that will destroy marriage and protect the pedophiles who hide their abuse by marrying their child victims. She and Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) proposed an amendment to HR 8404 to get a few more votes, but the amendment DOES NOTHING TO PROTECT RELIGIOUS AND CONSCIENCE OBJECTIONS. Don’t be fooled. We MUST stop this bill!

Don’t let Schumer and Collins be the only voices the Senate hears. Please, take a moment right now to fax Congress and demand they VOTE NO on HR 8404. Then read on for the news. — Mat

NO Child Brides! STOP HR 8404/S 4556!

Shirley Perez found herself in a terrible situation when she was still in junior high school. Shirley was raped at 12. Rather than prosecute her rapist, Shirley’s family made her marry the 39-year-old man who had raped her. Shirley bore the first of his five children at 14.

Shirley’s rapist husband forbade her from finishing her education. She tried returning to school only to be severely beaten by her husband when she was just 5 minutes late returning home. She never went back to school.

“[He] loved it, the no education,” Shirley said. “He wanted to keep me dumb, not realizing things.”

It would take Shirley 12 years to leave her abuser. But without an education or skills, divorce from her rapist left her with just $111 to her name … and her children in her pedophile ex-husband’s full custody.

Idaho has the highest rate of child bride marriages per capita in the country. And it isn’t ancient history. It’s happening right now, every day.

Our daughters deserve better. Demand Congress VOTE NO on HR 8404!

Angel Dwyer’s mother moved to Idaho for one reason—privacy. In a state known for potatoes, log cabins, scenic wilderness and recreation areas, it seemed like a perfect place to hide for the family that had forced their 13-year-old daughter into marriage.

In the year 2005, Angel was just 13 years old. She had her second-ever crush on a boy when her mother decided it was time for her to marry, whether Angel liked it or not.

"All of my childhood, my teenage years and everything I could've done as a young adult has been stolen from me, by people who made decisions and had the freedom to make those decisions for me," Angel says, keeping her composure despite the tears rolling down her cheeks.

"My neighbors, they knew something was wrong because my boyfriend came to live with me, and then they stopped letting their kids hang out with us," Angel says. "My stepdad, my mother, his mother, my neighbor, my aunt — all of these people could've said, 'This is wrong. Why is this happening?' but nobody did."

No one helped, because state law effectively authorized Angel’s abuse.

Several states have outlawed child brides. However, if HR 8404 passes, every state will be forced to respect, honor and obey other states’ twisted “marriage” laws, and girls like Shirley and Angel will continue to be trapped in “marriages” with pedophile abusers.

Non-child-bride states will not even be able to intervene on behalf of these children married to adults, as these children are effectively wards of pedophiles. If they try to leave, the law requires they be treated as a runaway and returned to their “spouse.”

Republican Sen. Collins has been trying to cajole fellow Republicans into approving this sick bill. In hopes of getting more Republican votes, a so-called religious liberty amendment to HR 8404 was proposed. But we saw the ruse and wrote a legal memo so the senators would not be fooled. Liberty Counsel’s powerful legal memo is circulating in the Senate now, especially among those who are waffling. Sen. Schumer needs 60 votes, and we’re pulling the fence-sitters off the fence.

But Schumer has repeatedly made known that this destruction-of-marriage bill is his top priority. He’s holding off the vote until after the midterms in hopes of giving political cover to errant Republicans who might be swayed by Sen. Collins’ charms. The Senate floor remains open, and Schumer can call a vote anytime between now and the end of December.

Don’t let Susan Collins and Chuck Schumer be the only people Republicans hear from on this issue!

We must make clear to every senator that we the people will not tolerate voting for this marriage-destroying perversion of a bill! Not now, not after the midterms and not ever!

Make your voice heard loud and clear with faxes demanding Congress VOTE NO on HR 8404!

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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