She Is Pleading for Our Help

Sep 13, 2022

Last Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said, "But let me be clear, a vote will happen.” He stressed again a vote will happen “on the Senate floor in the coming weeks.”

Schumer is fixated on passing HR 8404 and the U.S. Senate floor is open for voting THIS week.

America’s children, particularly our girls, need you to stand for them now. This bill is not only about “same-sex marriage.” HR 8404 will require states to give legal recognition to another state’s “marriage” laws, which include pedophiles preying on “child brides,” polygamy and even incestuous relationships. Rather than “respecting” marriage, HR 8404 will destroy it. We cannot let the radicals win on this issue!

Please take a moment to fax Congress NOW before Chuck Schumer can call a vote. Demand they PROTECT AMERICA’S CHILDREN from HR 8404! then read on to hear from an incestuous child bride and learn about the studies that support her claims. — Mat

Former polygamy cult victim Flora Jessup was impregnated by her own father at 12 years old. Not long after, her father forced her to marry her first cousin. Flora’s 14-year-old sister was forced to marry her stepbrother.

Flora’s heartbreaking autobiography chronicles the awful conditions and unspeakable abuse happening in America’s polygamist cults, particularly to little girls born into what amounts to a lifetime of sexual slavery at the hands of men, even relatives many times their own age.

Last week, Sens. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Susan Collins (R-ME) admitted HR 8404 has what they called a “drafting error” that opens the door for polygamy. To get the remining six Republican votes needed to pass the bill, they plan to introduce an amendment to fix the so-called “drafting error.”

Time is short because Schumer has promised a vote THIS MONTH.

All too often, the mothers within polygamist communities aid and abet the abuse, says Flora, who finally managed to escape the cult years later.

Studies confirm Flora’s claims.

In a review of studies on polygamy, Public Discourse: The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute concluded that “in virtually every respect, polygamy is socially detrimental—to society in general, to men, to women, and to children.”

The Public Discourse review included a study printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, which compared polygamist and monogamist societies around the globe and found that “[l]iving in the same household with genetically unrelated adults is the single biggest risk factor for abuse, neglect and homicide of children.”

In fact, the study found that “levels of domestic strife and violence are higher in polygamous homes than in monogamous homes as wives seek to preserve their place with their shared husband as well as struggle to secure resources for their own biological children.”

In polygamous relationships, efforts to secure those limited resources often, unfortunately, lead to abuse, trauma and death. The study found that “stepmothers are 2.4 times more likely to kill their stepchildren than birth mothers, and children living with an unrelated parent are between 15 and 77 times more likely to die “accidentally.”


Flora’s story reveals another disturbing element. At 13 years old, she tried to escape the pedophilic, polygamist cult in which she was trapped. She reported her sexual abuse to the State of Arizona. They refused to help her. Because Flora was a minor, they returned her to the abuse. She would suffer in the cult marriage for years before finally finding a way to escape.

As long as polygamist mothers continue “handing their 11-year-olds over to these guys to be raped and abused,” says Flora, “the cycle of abuse will never stop.”

If passed, HR 8404 will ensure that child rapes, child marriages and polygamist abuse will continue to take place. Worse yet, the bill will force every state in the nation to comply with sick standards that destroy marriage.

Here is what the bill does:

  1. Makes same-sex marriage a federal law.
  2. Forces government employees to comply and does not provide any conscience or religious exemption for anyone or any entity.
  3. Requires states to recognize another state’s marriage law even if it is contrary to the state’s own law:
    1. There is no limiting provision regarding this application and thus this aspect of the bill goes far beyond same-sex marriage.
    2. Only a few states do not have age limits, California being one, thus permitting marriage for any age.
    3. Florida did not have an age limit, but the law has been changed, thanks to a woman who escaped a child bride marriage, but the Florida law would be overridden by the California law.
    4. The child bride marriages, combined with same-sex marriages, would extend male-female to same-sex adult-child marriage.
  4. The bill allows one person to marry another in one state, a different person in another state, and then demand a third state to recognize both even though they are polygamous.
  5. Once you establish a federal policy that gender is irrelevant to marriage, the consequence will extend the LGTBQ agenda.

In Church of Lies, Flora says, “To those who abuse: The sin is yours, the crime is yours, and the shame is yours. To those who protect the perpetrators: Blaming the victims only masks the evil within, making you as guilty as those who abuse. Stand up for the innocent or go down with the rest.”

Please take a moment RIGHT NOW to DEMAND Senators VOTE NO on HR 8404.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Want to do more? Sign our petition to urge Congress to block HR 8404.


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