He Planned to Retire This Month

Sep 2, 2022

Tragically, 2,600 hours of military flight time and 1,000 hours of pilot instruction just went down the tubes, thanks to Joe Biden’s unlawful shot mandates. Read on to learn why Sean, a highly decorated 20-year Navy Commander, will not be flying anymore. —Mat

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Sean has proudly served his country as, in part, a Seahawk helicopter pilot. During that time, he logged 2,600 flight hours in war-torn hot zones like Syria and Iraq. Sean has earned every advanced flight, instructor and tactical qualification available to him since entering the Navy and has even logged over 1,000 hours as a flight instructor.

With nearly 20 years under his belt, Sean was looking forward to retirement in September of 2022. But when Joe Biden announced his COVID shot mandates in 2021, the Department of Defense (DOD) decided Sean would not be allowed to retire honorably until he was fully “vaccinated."

As an active-duty naval aviator, Sean has endured his share of physical and mental challenges to get where he is today. Over the years, Sean passed every medical screening without issue, avoiding any unnecessary “groundings” (do not fly orders) because of his physical and mental health.

Sean has never had any issues or concerns in passing physical fitness tests, nor his annual flight physicals. In fact, Sean says, “Throughout my entire flying career, I cannot recall a single time where I was ‘sick in quarters.’ resulting in missed flying or impacts to my job, related to any medical illness.”

Or at least that was the case until he was forced to take the COVID shots.

“Up until my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I was a healthy, 5’9”, 155 lb., 41-year-old aviator,” Sean says. But all that changed after taking his second COVID shot. “Unfortunately, I am one of many members across the DOD [Department of Defense] who are now recovering from adverse effects directly linked to the mRNA vaccine, specifically, the Pfizer vaccine authorized under the Emergency Use Authorization.”

Shortly after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer mRNA shot, Sean’s chest began to tighten. Heart palpitations beat against his breastbone at an alarming rate. Breathing suddenly became extremely difficult.

Sean was driving his two young children to the beach the day the symptoms hit. It was to be a long-awaited and welcome break for the family that had endured much separation while their father was at war. But the COVID shot would dictate a very different day.

As Sean drove, he felt his heart begin to pound. His chest was so tight he could barely breathe. His vision began to blur, and he knew he was near the point of losing consciousness behind the wheel with his family in the car. Praise God, Sean was able to pull over and avoid a catastrophe.

After being rushed to the hospital, Sean was informed that he was experiencing myocarditis—a side effect to the mRNA vaccines that the DOD has known about since last year.

On June 29, 2021, the Defense Health Agency published a report in the highly respected Journal of American Medical Association Cardiology (JAMA) titled “Myocarditis Following Immunization With mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Members of the US Military.”

The study reports that previously healthy service members developed myocarditis, a severe and life-threatening inflammation of the heart, within just four days of receiving their first shot of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna jabs.

Just one day later, Dr. Matthew Oster, who serves on Biden’s CDC COVID-19 task force, was forced to admit that the shots are causing myocarditis in “young men aged 16-30,” adding, “It does appear that mRNA vaccines may be a new trigger for Myocarditis.” 

Sean is still “grounded,” unable to fly thanks to the Pfizer jab. He still suffers from chest pain, breathing difficulties and dizziness … and Sean’s doctors do not know if he will ever get better.


And Biden’s DOD is still trying to unlawfully force service members to take the COVID shots that SKIPPED the 7-10 years of safety testing normally required for all vaccines.

Liberty Counsel is fighting this lawless regime and the dangerous mandates on all fronts. Class action certification and preliminary injunctions have now been secured for the Air Force, Space Force, Navy and Marines. We are working on attaining the same protections for the Coast Guard and the Army. But even with these court-ordered injunctions, we must continually fight for these brave heroes.

Students in school and the people who need life-saving organ transplants continue to face these insane mandates, as do many employees.

Joe Biden is not changing his unlawful ways. Nor, despite the losses stacking up against him, is Biden giving up on fighting our cases tooth and nail.

Please help us help these victims of lawlessness in high places. Fighting these mandates is just one aspect of our work. You can make a recurring monthly donation to fund this legal battle for religious freedom. And your donation will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT by a Challenge Grant. 

Please also be in prayer for the soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and Marines injured and adversely affected by these lawless mandates.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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*Name changed for privacy.


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