This News Has Rocked Corporate America

Aug 3, 2022

The nation’s first class action settlement for health care employees who were told to get the jab or lose their job is sending shock waves to employers that violated the law. Liberty Counsel has led the way against the abusive mandates.

When the settlement is finally approved, NorthShore University HealthSystem will pay 10,337,500 dollars to more than 500 employees. NorthShore will also permanently change its unlawful “no religious accommodations” policy to make it consistent with the law, making religious accommodations available to every position across its numerous facilities.

And any person who lost their job will be eligible for rehire at the same seniority level. Whether they return to NorthShore or not, these health care heroes will be compensated for the discrimination they faced.

Read on to learn more about the landmark COVID mandate lawsuit, and what is coming next to protect our religious freedom. — Mat

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Judy* is an acute care nurse referred to as “Jane Doe 3” in our class action lawsuit against NorthShore University HealthSystem, which has 18,000 employees in Illinois. Judy is a woman of deep faith.

Judy has failing eyesight. Her husband suffers from severe generalized idiopathic urticaria as well as unpredictable, life-threatening swelling of the throat and other conditions. Her son struggles with a severe mental health disorder requiring constant psychiatric care and counseling.

And if all that were not enough, Judy’s father had a debilitating stroke seven years ago. Judy moved her father into their home so the family could provide the constant care he needs.

Judy is the sole breadwinner for her family.

Judy contracted COVID in 2020, and fully recovered. She knows that taking a COVID shot when one already has natural antibodies can be dangerous.

But most of all, Judy’s deep faith prohibits her from taking any shots tested or developed with aborted fetal cell lines.

Judy was fired November 1, 2021, for refusing to relinquish her Title VII religious freedom right to refuse the abortion linked COVID jabs.

Unless you have been in a situation like the one Judy faced, you cannot imagine her stress and anxiety. As the sole breadwinner with so many people depending on her, Judy’s decision to remain faithful to God and her deep religious convictions had serious consequences.

I am honored to represent Judy and so many like her. Since August 2021, we have conducted weekly conference calls with tens of thousands of people. And our staff members have worked overtime talking, counseling and praying with so many hurt people. Their heart-wrenching stories often bring us to tears.

Liberty Counsel negotiated the more than 10.3-million-dollar payout for more than 500 employees, including Judy, who faced religious discrimination because of their objections to the COVID shots. In addition to the monetary payment, Judy and her colleagues will be eligible to be rehired at their former seniority levels.

Just as important as the recompense for fired staff members, NorthShore will also change its unlawful “no religious accommodations” policy to make it consistent with the law and to provide religious accommodations in every position across its numerous facilities. No position in any NorthShore facility will be considered off limits to unvaccinated employees with approved religious exemptions.

The NorthShore settlement is a momentous win for religious freedom. But our work defending America’s precious liberty is far from over.

Presently, Liberty Counsel is defending military members against Joe Biden’s unlawful shot mandates, people who are being denied donor organs for refusal to get the shots, sidewalk counselors who pray outside of abortion facilities, Christian counselors and many more. I will update you on these cases as developments take place.

Today, I am in Boston to celebrate our historic 9-0 win at the Supreme Court. I will share more about today’s events later this week.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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*Name changed for privacy.


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