He's Either Clueless, A Liar or Both

Jun 17, 2022

Joe Biden issued an executive order this week to, in his words, “Prevent so-called ‘conversion therapy’ with a historic initiative to protect children from the harmful practice.” Biden is either clueless, a liar or both.

We are well acquainted with his derisive term “conversion therapy,” which is not a counseling term, nor is such therapy practiced by licensed counselors. Counselors don’t “convert” people. Counselors are like a GPS device with which the driver, or in this case the client, sets the objective and the destination.

We have led the nation in fighting unconstitutional laws that ban clients from receiving and counselors from providing counsel regarding unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors or gender confusion. The client has the right of self-autonomy. This is NOT the role of government.

In the real world, not made-up ideological fantasy, Biden’s executive order is dangerous. I will share with you the first-person account of Jaden, a 22-year-old man who now suffers permanent, irreversible damage to his body and organs that go far beyond changes to his physical appearance.

He is calling out those who parrot the lie that these hormonal and surgical procedures have no negative long-term effects. Jaden’s story is one of many. —Mat

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Jaden was just a young teen when doctors began putting him through a so-called “gender transition” process. By age 16, Jaden was on puberty blockers to prevent his body from doing what it was naturally designed to do.

Some pediatricians like Dr. Michelle Forcier, who prescribes puberty blockers, parrot a lie that “puberty blockers are completely reversible and don’t have permanent effects.” Ideology, not medicine, drives her practice.

In a series of tweets posted June 11, 2022, Jaden quoted Dr. Forcier, adding, “This ever increasingly common narrative is a fallacy, with medical data, lawsuits, and personal reported experiences directly contradicting it."

Jaden took the brave step of telling his story via Twitter to personally refute Dr. Forcier and those touting the “sex-change” lies. He detailed the drugs he was prescribed and the long-term damage they continue to have on his body, stating, “In the coming years, I’d experience physical, mental, and sexual changes I never could imagine.”

The testosterone blockers caused muscular atrophy, metabolic issues and bone density concerns. When estrogen was added to the mix, Jaden began experiencing vascular issues that have now led to nerve damage in his legs.

Jaden’s body is permanently harmed by these drugs.

“To hear medical professionals insist a drug that’s harmed myself and others, is ‘completely reversible and doesn’t have permanent effects’ is frustrating, and saddening. It’s disturbing how doctors willfully spread misinformation to [co-opt] a movement, and pathologize GNC [gender non-conforming] youth,” he said.

Now Jaden is desperately trying to transition back to the state he was born in—a biological male.

The reality is, the gender-bending drugs delivered by politicized doctors in his youth have permanently injured not just his outer appearance, but nearly all of his organs as well. Jaden is physically damaged FOR LIFE.

Not surprisingly, the LGBTQ community, which claims to value tolerance, coexistence and the “right” to express one’s “truth,” went on the attack against Jaden for sharing his horrific personal experiences.

Jaden was vilified by thousands from that community, his tweets repeatedly reported to Twitter as “abusive” and against “community standards.” His Twitter account has been deleted. The “tolerant” gang managed to silence his personal story because it goes against their agenda.

Puberty blockers and hormones are bad enough, but that’s for starters. Mastectomies, hysterectomies, phallectomies and reconstructive surgeries are dangerous and irreversible. Worse, there is a high rate of suicide among those who regret such decisions. They feel trapped and abandoned.

Joe Biden is trying to harm and then silence people like Jaden. But Liberty Counsel is already ahead of the White House in the fight to protect our children. Government has no business stepping between the client and the counselor to force its agenda

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In Otto v. Boca Raton and Palm Beach County, we won 2-1 at the Court of Appeals. In Vazzo v. City of Tampa, we won again, striking down yet another law that sought to impose an LGBTQ agenda on clients and counselors.

We will not allow Biden to harm people or censor clients and counselors with his agenda. We are ready to fight and WIN. Would you send a special gift today to help us confront Biden’s lunacy and protect young people like Jaden?

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Please pray for our youth. They are being targeted on almost every front.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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