Now the Real Fight Begins

May 12, 2022

Yesterday we celebrated a win in the Senate, but we must not rest. We won a battle, but the war rages on. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has more tricks up his sleeve. This was part one of a multi-prong strategy. Now the real fight begins.

First, other abortion bills are pending that will codify abortion, and at least one of them will pick up two Republican votes. Second, Schumer wants to abolish the 60-vote filibuster rule. He only needs 51 votes to do so. That would be disastrous.

We have prayed and waited for 50 years for the opportunity to overturn Roe v. Wade. But the forces of darkness are working overtime to continue the shedding of innocent blood. For 20 years, I knew I would live to see this day. We must not let this opportunity to protect children be stolen. Please, take an immediate stand RIGHT NOW by faxing U.S. Senators, telling them to VOTE NO TO ALL FEDERAL ABORTION-ENABLING BILLS and PRESERVE THE FILIBUSTER! —Mat


Yesterday, Sen. Schumer brought the misnamed “Women’s Health Protection Act” to the floor that failed by a vote of 49-51. But don’t let these numbers fool you. Republicans Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK) voted against Schumer’s bill, but they have co-sponsored their own bill that codifies abortion.

Senators Collins, Murkowski and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are pro-abortion but say they oppose abolishing the 60-vote filibuster. If just two of them change their votes to pass abolishing the filibuster in order to pass an abortion bill, then not only will every state be forced to continue abortion, but every other radical bill can be slammed through the Senate.

There are five Republican Senators who are not running for reelection that could give a parting salvo—Richard Burr (NC), Pat Toomey (PA), Rob Portman (OH), Richard Shelby (AL) and Roy Blunt (MO).

Coupled with intense financial pressure from abortion groups and the mobs descending on the nation’s capital, the situation is tenuous. The senators must hear from you.


Sen. Schumer, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and the rest of the Planned Parenthood-funded abortion lobby are desperate to continue abortion. They are not giving up, nor can we!

The abortion bill was defeated by a VERY narrow margin. But Schumer has several more pro-abortion bills pending. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-controlled House have passed several abortion bills that the Senate can take up at any time.

And, as I mentioned, Republican Senators Collins and Murkowski have co-sponsored a bill that effectively codifies the 1992 abortion opinion in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. In other words, under this bill, nothing would change—including the continual slaughter of helpless children.

This is evil. As we have seen from the leaked draft of the Supreme Court abortion opinion, the majority of Justices noted the unconstitutionality of Casey as well as Roe. Both were egregiously wrong from the start.

Sen. Schumer has three abortion bills lined up to replace the one that failed yesterday. Schumer is hoping that the pro-life resistance from folks like you and me will go away. We know the abortion lobby and the mobs targeting the Supreme Court and the Justices will soon turn their anger to the senators who did not vote with Schumer.

Schumer will try all the tricks below to federalize abortion:

  • Add abortion to the upcoming budget reconciliation process, which only needs 51 votes.
  • Use “unanimous consent,” where a few Democrats in the wee hours of the morning vote following a budget bill (that requires only 51 votes), when Republicans have left the floor but before the Senate is gaveled out.
  • Employ the so-called “nuclear option” to destroy the filibuster.

The crazies are getting crazier ...

As if to illustrate the penchant for death, the pro-abortion atmosphere in D.C. is getting more dangerous. Just one day after the Supreme Court draft was leaked, someone shot through the window of the office of pro-life Attorney General Jason Miyares in Richmond, VA. The rest of the week, observers witnessed increasing levels of shocking evil.

  • The offices of Concerned Women for America (CWA) were attacked. An enraged protester destroyed the security system, vandalizing and urinating on the door of CWA’s office in Alexandria, VA.
  • Wisconsin Family Action, a pregnancy resource center, was firebombed with Molotov cocktails.
  • Windows at pregnancy resource centers were smashed in Portland, Oregon, and Manassas, Virginia.

Abortion groups continue to organize half-naked women in vile, obscenity-laden “protests” on the steps of churches. They disrupt services and the group Ruth Sent Us threatens to “burn the eucharist.”

Justice Alito, the author of the draft opinion, had to move to an undisclosed location. The homes of six Justices are being targeted by mobs. The abortion groups will now target senators to intimidate them!

WE MUST STAND FIRM in our defense of the unborn.

Chuck Schumer thinks you have quit paying attention. Show him now you have not! FAX NOW TO END ABORTION!

Liberty Counsel defends life, the family and religious freedom across the country and before the Supreme Court, where we just achieved a historic win. And our work against the unlawful shot mandates continues.

Please, consider a much-needed recurring monthly gift to fund our work, and the Challenge Grant will DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your donation!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. You can also sign a petition against these federal abortion bills by selecting here.


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