Abortion Vote Tomorrow

May 10, 2022

The Senate will vote WEDNESDAY on an abortion bill so evil that actual witches and warlocks are openly celebrating it with demonic ceremonies being held now on the sidewalks in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. What’s even more terrifying? Unless you and I act NOW, the forces of darkness will win this battle and UNRESTRICTED ABORTION WILL BECOME THE LAW OF THE LAND. Read on. — Mat


Almost as soon as the Supreme Court’s draft abortion opinion was leaked, protesters surrounded the Court. But these protesters were different than the pink-knitted-hat people we’ve seen in the past. Those demonstrators were vulgar, but this new crew is flat-out evil.

Every night witches and warlocks, dressed in the standard-issue black satanic worship garb, have set up “spell circles,” attempting to cast hexes and curses on the Justices. Unhinged screams and demonic sounding howls have been ringing through the day and night. People wearing masks designed to look like the devil have been prowling the streets apparently looking for something to devour, just as our Bible tells us about Satan.

Radical pro-abortionists have published the home addresses of each of the Justices in the draft majority opinion. Justice Samuel Alito, author of the draft, has moved to an undisclosed secure location, for fear of his life.


A reporter covering the melee outside of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house says this was “one of the scariest things I’ve ever witnessed,” referring to the crazed mob mentality unleashing in front of the Justice’s family home.

And in Wisconsin over the weekend, abortion zealots firebombed a pro-life organization. The message spray-painted on the walls made their evil intentions clear: “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

It is illegal to attempt to intimidate a Justice in hopes of changing the vote. Not surprisingly, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is refusing to investigate.

The demons are dangerously close to getting their way.


Monday, the Senate passed a cloture vote that will bring up one of the most evil abortion bills in history for a full vote as early as Wednesday. Sen. Schumer made clear he intends to change the Senate rules in order to ram this blood-soaked bill down every American’s throat with just 51 votes.


The most evil abortion bill yet …

The abortion bill Schumer is proposing is the most demonically influenced bill yet as it removes virtually any and all restrictions on abortion.

“Prior to fetal viability,” this bill bans any “prohibition or restriction on a particular abortion procedure,” and says that access to abortion “shall not be limited or otherwise infringed. That means:

  • All abortions at any age and any time become legal.

  • Partial birth abortions will be legal. The full-term baby is pulled out of the uterus except the head, only to have its skull punctured and brains sucked out.

  • Minors may have an abortion without parental notification or consent.

  • No ultrasound requirements.

  • No informed consent.

In fact, under this bill, abortion doctors don’t need hospital privileges, which most of them cannot get because of their lowly baby butcher business!

Worse yet, the bill also allows for chemical abortions without even being seen in person by a qualified medical doctor. All one needs to do is to schedule a brief Skype or Zoom meeting with an unqualified abortion worker!

This bill is DANGEROUS, not only for the unborn but also for the mothers who are being lied to, deceived and all too often physically and emotionally harmed by abortionists and their death-dealing procedures.

Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and their cadre of abortion proponents are scrambling to FORCE ALL STATES to succumb to the abortionists’ machine before the Supreme Court rules and before they are voted out of office.

Two things we must do RIGHT NOW …

1. Pray—that the Justices remain safe and stick to their votes to overturn Roe v. Wade.

If a Justice dies before an opinion is officially released, that vote is not counted. When Justice Scalia died, his vote was not counted in the union dues case, and thus the result was a 4-4 split. We must pray the Justices are protected and that they do not change their vote, as happened in the last 30 days before the Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision was released in 1992.

2. Fax Congress—Put senators on notice to vote against this wicked abortion bill!

The vote is Wednesday. There is no time to waste. WE MUST ACT NOW. FAX CONGRESS and DEMAND they VOTE NO ON ABORTION!

Don’t let Chuck Schumer force unrestricted abortions nationwide!

Meanwhile, Liberty Counsel continues to defend the right to life, family values and religious freedom across the country and before the U.S. Supreme Court, where we just achieved a rare 9-0 win on our Christian flag case. And our work defending the military against Biden’s unlawful shot orders also continues.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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