It's in His DNA

May 2, 2022

Last Thursday, we presented the testimony of an Air Force Cadet who has been recognized as the top “Outstanding” cadet in his class of 1,070. The Academy and military service are in his DNA. But he is willing to give all that up rather than sin against God—the Author of Life. It is inconceivable that Joe Biden’s Department of Defense (DOD) wants to purge the military of our finest. —Mat

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Corey* has the military in his DNA. His grandfather served in the Army, and Corey’s father, aunt and uncle all attended U.S. Air Force Academy. So it was only natural that he should follow in their footsteps. He became a member of the U.S. Air Force Academy last fall.

Corey was awarded one of the highest commendations from the Academy as the top cadet out of 1,070 classmates, achieving top marks in physical fitness, academics and leadership.

Corey believes it is his duty to serve God and country.

But Joe Biden is making him choose God or country.

Last fall, Corey was ordered to take the COVID jabs by DOD Secretary Lloyd Austin. But all of the shots used aborted fetal cell lines in testing and/or development. As a committed Christian, Corey will not be directly or indirectly associated with abortion.

On October 29, 2021, Corey’s chaplain recommended his religious accommodation request be approved. Other members of the review committee noted, “I understand that in their current position, being unvaccinated may not have a large impact … ,” but the committee denied Corey’s lawful right to religious accommodation anyway.

Corey testified in federal court last week in our case, Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin. He told the judge that his fellow cadets don’t have a problem with his vaccination status. And we presented evidence that shows the U.S. military itself doesn’t believe lack of vaccination is a problem.

In fact, the Air Force Academy is now open to the public, where unvaccinated visitors may explore the grounds and dine with cadets in the mess hall.

On January 6, 2022, Brig. Gen. Paul Moga, a one-star general and Commandant of the Air Force Academy, announced to the cadets at a lunch meeting regarding the omicron variant that “there is very little danger to the force” (emphasis added).

In congressional testimony February 17, 2021, the Joint Staff vice director for operations, Maj. Gen. Jeff Taliaferro, a two-star general, said the military was “fully capable of operating in a COVID environment before vaccinations were available.” Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, asked: “So I take that to mean yes, they’re deployable even if they have not been vaccinated?” Maj. Gen. Taliaferro responded: “Yes, Sir” (emphasis added).

We delivered to the court documents dated March 5, 2022, from Maj. Gen. Richard Burke, a two-star general. He is the deputy principal cyber advisor to the secretary of defense and senior military advisor for cyber. He requested certain “unvaccinated” service members be approved for “mission essential” travel and deployment. He wrote, “Assessed risk to force for co-mingling vaccinated and unvaccinated personnel is low.”

In a second memo written the same day, Maj. Gen. Burke wrote: “Headquarters and Headquarters’ Battalion (HHBN), V Corps is 97% fully vaccinated. Assessed risk to force for comingling vaccinated and unvaccinated personnel is low” (emphasis added).

On March 6, 2022, Lt. Gen. Michael Howard, a three-star general in the Army who oversees the U.S. European Command (EUCOM) as Deputy Commander, in response to Maj. Gen. Burke’s request regarding “unvaccinated” service members for “mission essential” deployments, wrote, “The request ... is approved” (emphasis added).

The Air Force already recognizes that Corey is “outstanding” among his Academy peers. Yet Joe Biden is insisting on kicking this honorable young man out of the military unless he refuses to sin against God. At Biden’s twisted demand, the military is trying to purge the best of the best, punishing the brightest of our next generation and our service members.

It appears that Biden is dumbing down the military, leaving only those who will not question even the most unconstitutional and unlawful of orders. This is a deeply dangerous precedent. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!

I implored the judge to protect the entire class of ALL military members who oppose the shots. I informed the court about service members and their spouses who, because of the unbearable pressure, are on the edge of self-harm. Our hearts break every day. We are more resolved than ever to protect these heroes and their families.

Religious reasons or not, no one should be forced to take these shots since no FDA-approved shots are available.

Please be in prayer for this case and the people we are helping.

Our work is truly saving lives, and we are only able to do this because of YOU. Please consider making a recurring monthly donation to our legal defense fund. Every donation will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT by a generous Challenge Grant. Please, help us help them today.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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*Names changed to protect the persecuted.


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