Shocking Info in FDA's Latest Data Dump

Apr 12, 2022

Pfizer and the FDA were forced to release another pile of information they tried to hide from the public. You will soon see why they did not want you to know what you are finding out and what we are doing to stop the insanity. —Mat

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As early as February 28, 2021, both Pfizer and the FDA KNEW the new COVID shots were dangerous … so dangerous, in fact, that Pfizer informed the FDA it was hiring 2,400 additional employees just to handle the “large number of adverse events,” i.e., shot injuries, which had already begun to overwhelm their staff in less than 10 weeks after EUA approval.

That is according to a newly released slew of documents a Texas federal judge forced the FDA and Pfizer to reveal on the 1st of each month, one batch at a time, until it is all public.

The news comes on the heels of the previous FDA/Pfizer data dump that revealed Pfizer KNEW the shots caused 1,291 deadly side effects, including brain stem embolism, paralysis, epilepsy, miscarriage, infertility, stillbirth, hemorrhaging, stroke and much more. And the 1,291 serious injuries are just the side effects known to date!

Because the COVID shots skipped the 7-10 years of normal safety testing and clinical trials, NO ONE yet knows the long-term side effects and deaths these shots will continue to cause.

Despite this shocking information, 25 states plus the District of Columbia have or are considering Vaccine Passports. This insanity must stop!

It gets worse … Last year, Congress appropriated 1 billion dollars for the secretary of health (HHS) to spend on activities to “strengthen vaccine confidence in the United States.” The federal government paid hundreds of news organizations to promote the shots as “safe and effective” and to censor any negative news.

The “COVID-19 Public Education Campaign,” a “national initiative to increase public confidence in and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines,” was created with the goal of having “trusted messengers and influencers” speak to news organizations to “provide factual, timely information and steps people can take to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.”

This propaganda campaign was launched even though, according to the newly released documents, both Pfizer and the FDA knew the COVID jabs had more than 1,291 deadly side effects that they refused to disclose to the public. No wonder Pfizer had to hire 2,400 full-time employees soon after its shots were released to segments of the public.

But that is not all … The FDA and Pfizer did not want to release this or any of the other absolutely damning information to be exposed to the public. In fact, the FDA did not want to publish this information for at least 75 years, stalling the release of deadly information until at least the year 2097 when the shot scandal would be long forgotten.

But a Texas federal judge is forcing the FDA and Pfizer to come clean about Pfizer’s dangerous drug. Judge Pittman has ordered the FDA to release ALL the Pfizer approval documents over the next several months, including:

  • 80,000 pages apiece, to be produced on or before May 2, June 1 and July 1, 2022.
  • 70,000 pages to be produced on or before Aug. 1, 2022.
  • 55,000 pages per month, on or before the first business day of each month thereafter, until the release of the documents has been completed.

You can be sure that yet more startling information will be revealed in these massive data dumps. Our team will continue researching and reporting to you, even as we fight for freedom from illegal mandates in court.

People have been injured and died as a result of the most extensive cover-up in U.S. history. The COVID shots are neither safe nor effective, and the truth has been censored. The U.S. government, the drug companies and the media have fed the public lies. This is a crime against humanity.

These dangerous shots have been used to rob Americans of their lives, livelihoods and everyday freedom. Liberty Counsel has cases filed in state and federal courts across the nation defending the right to refuse these abortion-linked drugs. Every one of the COVID jabs was derived from and/or tested using aborted fetal cells.

Our massive case representing the armed forces remains before the court where we have filed for class action status. I was back in court on the case yesterday. We are also helping tens of thousands of non-military people who are fighting for the right to determine what goes into their bodies. NO ONE should be forced to choose between the shots and God’s command on their lives.

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Mat Staver, Founder & Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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