What a Terrorist Could Not Do, This Did...

Mar 29, 2022

A flight surgeon has been forced into medical retirement, thanks to injuries sustained as a result of the Moderna jab. Now this Purple Heart recipient, who survived multiple attacks and battlefield injuries in Afghanistan, is speaking out on the dangers of “trusting the science” and Joe Biden’s unlawful mandates. We must defeat these shot mandates and Vaccine Passports IMMEDIATELY before more people are permanently disabled. Read on. — Mat

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Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, a medical doctor, is one of only six flight surgeons attached to the legendary “Green Beret” Special Forces. For 39 years, Dr. Chambers served fearlessly throughout multiple harrowing combat tours.

In Afghanistan, he survived a direct artillery hit to his Humvee and got an AK-47 7.62 round through his left arm that lodged in his rib cage after dragging the men from his shredded vehicle out of enemy fire.

As the only survivor of that dreadful attack, Dr. Chambers earned the Purple Heart and chose to return to full duty. His love for God and America drove him to continue his sacrificial service in the United States Army.

Dr. Chambers had every intention of continuing to serve his country and his fellow soldiers until he reaches the 40-year mark of his career in 2023, at which time he would finally retire to civilian life. But Dr. Chambers will not reach that 40-year milestone because side effects from the Moderna shot did what neither an artillery shell nor a round to the chest could do.

The COVID “vaccine” shot permanently injured Dr. Chambers. He will now be medically retired this May, thanks to Joe Biden’s illegal shot mandate.

No more injured Americans! Stop the Shot Mandates and Vaccine Passports! Fax state and local lawmakers now!

Dr. Chambers has been diagnosed with “demyelination,” a side effect that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the shot makers themselves KNEW about but failed to tell the world until a recent court order forced the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to release the COVID shot safety testing documentation. “Demyelination” as a side effect is listed on page 9 of the side effects document.

Each of the nerves in your body has a protective coating surrounding them. Much like the plastic coating on a lamp cord, the myelin sheath protects the nerve fibers. Just like a lamp cord, if the myelin sheath is damaged or worn, the nerve fibers “spark,” creating intense, unmanageable pain throughout the body.

When demyelination hits the nerves and synapses in the brain, it can cause severe migraines as well as cognitive impairment. As demyelination continues, the body suffers unspeakable and often unmanageable constant pain. Demyelination victims often report that their feet, hands, arms and legs feel as though acid is burning through their every muscle.

Thanks to the documentation the courts forced the FDA to release, we now know that both the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA KNEW about this injury and other debilitating and life-threatening side effects from the shots. But they told no one, and instead allowed the shot mandates to go forward.

No wonder the FDA wanted to wait 75 years to release the data! Thankfully, a federal court has ordered the data released at the rate of 55,000 pages rather than 500 pages per month—as the FDA requested. On March 1, a Pfizer document listed 1,291 adverse injuries from its shot—including demyelination.

Dr. Chambers says he “trusted the science” and trusted his government’s “safe and effective” narrative when he was pressured to take the Moderna shot as per Joe Biden’s military shot mandate. Had Dr. Chambers known the shots were neither safe nor effective, or had he known about the aborted fetal cell link, he would not have succumbed to the pressure.

No more shot-injured Americans! Stop the mandates!

Dr. Chamber’s myelin sheath is now so severely worn that weather-related pressure changes and even being around 5G cell towers or networks can cause vertigo and make him dizzy.

Dr. Chambers testified in our landmark class action lawsuit (Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin) defending our brave military members against Biden’s unlawful shot mandates. We won that hearing and will now proceed to the Appeals Court because Team Biden refuses to give up on their unlawful activities.

We just filed 22 additional emergency restraining orders for yet another crop of military members being forced out of service due to their religious convictions. Their desperate calls continue to flood our office daily. I will write more on this as soon as I am able.

The TRUTH about the shots is getting out, thanks to lawsuits like the one Liberty Counsel is conducting on behalf of military members. Even many people who have previously been in favor of vaccines or who have had the COVID shot themselves now understand that the world has been duped.

With understanding comes responsibility. We must stop the unbelievable tyranny of shot mandates and Vaccine Passports so that no more people wind up with every nerve in their body feeling as though it is on fire.

Please help Liberty Counsel stand against the unconstitutional shot mandates. There are two critically important things you can do right now:

1. Fax state & federal legislators demanding they END ALL VACCINE PASSPORTS.

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Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. My friend, these attacks on our bodily autonomy and our religious freedom are bringing us to the precipice of losing our precious liberty. Please, stand with Liberty Counsel TODAY.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. You can also sign our petition against mandatory shots and Vaccine Passports.



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