He Chose God Over Government

Jan 25, 2022

Joe Biden’s reckless disregard for safety, combined with his lawless insistence on putting an abortion-derived jab in every Americans’ arm is causing many military members to choose God over government. I share a story of one of our clients below and update you about our massive class action lawsuit on behalf of the military, federal employees and civilian contractors. —Mat

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Last week, I exposed how Joe Biden’s Department of Defense (DOD) is threatening to leave U.S. service members and their families stranded overseas if they do not take the jab. Unless these service men and women take a COVID injection, they will be forced to find and pay for their own way home from foreign deployments.

Then Biden added a new coercion tactic for service members—take the jab or repay your military education and training costs!

These heroes are being told they will have to pay the cost of learning specialized military skill sets, which for some is in the millions of dollars. These abusive schemes will bankrupt many of our brave defenders of freedom.

STOP the unlawful abuse of the military!

Kaleb* was called into a recent meeting with his commanding officer (CO) and others in his chain of command. Kaleb had refused the COVID shots that contradicted his deeply held religious beliefs against using drugs derived from or tested on aborted fetal cells.

The CO informed Kaleb that it was “time to pay the piper.” Kaleb could either choose to obey the government and get the shot within 24 hours, or he would suffer consequences for obeying his conscience.

And those consequences were steep. Kaleb was informed he would be involuntarily separated from the Navy. Despite his nearly two decades in service to our country, he was told he would also lose any VA (Veterans Affairs) or GI Bill benefits. And Kaleb was informed he would be forced to repay any enlistment bonuses as well as the cost of his training and education.

In official documents delivered to the court in our massive class action lawsuit against the Biden administration, we included the Navy’s new official “protocol” for dealing with “unvaccinated” soldiers.

“Officers separated based on vaccine refusal … will be required to repay their educational expenses. ... ”

According to the latest numbers available, repayment for attending the U.S. Naval Academy would cost more than 300,000 dollars at a time when the average Navy midshipman earns only 1,144 dollars per month.

Yet despite the threat of bankrupting debt, Kaleb chose God over Joe Biden as his ultimate Commander in Chief. He would not take the jab that violated God’s commandment over his life. Kaleb was forced to sign a “page 13,” a document acknowledging he was “refusing a lawful order,” even though Biden’s orders are decidedly UNLAWFUL.


“I am no longer worried about losing my career, even though I am the sole provider for my family,” says Kaleb. Instead, this U.S. Navy service member has put his trust in God … and he waits for justice to prevail in our lawsuit.

The Biden administration and the DOD have no legal right to deny religious exemptions and accommodations from the COVID shots to the military, federal employees and civilian contractors. Every COVID shot available remains under Emergency Use Authorization, and the DOD cannot force any person to violate their religious beliefs and receive an injection associated with aborted fetal cells.

Brave members of the military and those who serve this country as federal employees and civilian contractors have the freedom to choose what they put in their bodies! This discrimination and the disciplinary threats must end.

Last Thursday and Friday, we filed an amended complaint in our massive class action lawsuit. We added more military plaintiffs, federal employees and defendants from every military branch and the Biden administration. We added more legal arguments against the mandates covering each of these groups.

Based on new information and a growing number of legal victories against unlawful COVID injection mandates, we asked the court to issue an injunction blocking these abusive orders.

I believe we will get the injunction we requested. Further, the military continues to deny religious exemptions. The judge already said our claims were “plausible,” but with the new data, they are more than plausible. Our arguments are indisputable.

Also, our arguments against the mandates for federal employees and civilian contractors are strong. Last week, a court issued a nationwide injunction against the Biden federal employee mandate, and several courts have ruled against the civilian contractor mandate.

Pray for us and for those we represent. Time is of the essence to help these desperate people.

We have multiple cases in multiple state and federal courts covering multiple issues in which religious freedom and Christian viewpoints are under attack by tyrannical government officials run amok.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*Name changed to protect privacy.