A Powerful and Compelling Request

Jan 19, 2022

Jason* submitted to his military superiors an excellent and deeply felt religious exemption request from taking a COVID shot. The reasoning he expressed in his request won the approval of both his chaplain and his unit commander. But despite Jason’s deep convictions, the U.S. Air Force DENIED his rightful request. Read Jason’s moving testimony and catch up on the legal news on our class action lawsuit in defense of heroes like Jason. — Mat

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Seventeen years ago, Jason joined the military in order to defend our Constitution and our nation’s values and heritage. He excelled quickly and now serves as an engineer, directly impacting the safety and security of our troops worldwide.

As recently as last August, the Secretary of the Air Force said, “One thing that I think we need to do is make sure we have more engineers.” Yet, despite the Air Force’s need, Jason is being kicked out of the Air Force over his religious objection to the COVID jabs.


In his sworn statement in our class action lawsuit against the Biden administration, Jason laid out one of the most compelling Christian arguments against the COVID jabs that I have seen.

When the COVID-19 vaccine became available under the EUA, I sought to understand the correct decision for myself and my family. Through my research, I learned about the elective abortions that were required to develop, test, and/or produce the various COVID-19 vaccines. I also learned that the practice of harvesting body parts from babies, even while they are still alive, is ongoing today. As recently as July 2021, it has been exposed that some universities are inducing labor to harvest “fresh” body parts of viable and full-term babies.

It’s important to understand the ethical framework that I personally use to determine what is morally right or wrong. While some people may attempt to justify these abortions through a utilitarian ethical framework (i.e., the end justifies the means, or “the greater good”), I believe that such a framework is demonstrably false and morally bankrupt. I believe the only correct ethical framework is a divine command framework, where my moral duties and obligations flow from God’s commands to me, which come from His nature of being perfectly good, loving, just, etc., and are communicated through His word in the Bible. Only the Bible possesses final, infallible authority on all doctrine and moral issues.

Through His word, God has commanded me to keep my body pure and to live a pure and blameless lifestyle. While I have fallen short of this calling at various times in my life, when I have a clear choice in front of me, I must do everything I can to follow God’s command and glorify Him through my actions. The abortions involved in the vaccine development, however long ago, represent a moral abomination to God. Therefore, for me personally, it is not possible for any perceived benefit from the vaccine to outweigh the moral cost, which was needed to develop the vaccine, and consenting to the vaccine would not glorify God, would not keep my body “holy,” would not keep my actions morally blameless, and therefore would constitute sin.


Despite Jason’s thorough, heartfelt explanation of his religious convictions, and despite receiving approval from both his chaplain and his commander, the Air Force STILL denied his right to a religious exemption to the COVID jabs. He writes:

I have honorably served our country for 17 years and 7 months, doing my absolute best every day to honor God through my actions, and I believe my performance reports reflect this. Despite my hard work and dedication to our nation, and the sacrifices my wife and four children made along the way, I never thought I would be in the position of receiving a discharge because of my sincere religious beliefs.

The brave men and women of our military are being denied the religious liberties they have fought and bled to protect for us!

Liberty Counsel is defending armed forces members, federal employees and civilian contractors in our massive class action lawsuit against the Biden administration. We are also defending other employees and health care workers against these abusive mandates. We need your help.

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Yesterday, I presented oral argument to the U.S. Supreme Court in our case representing Camp Constitution against religious censorship by the City of Boston. I will update you very soon.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. If you missed listening to the oral argument of our case at the Supreme Court, go to LC.org for a link.

*Name changed for privacy.


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