VAERS Underreporting Deaths

Jan 18, 2022

A new study by a pair of research scientists—one from Columbia University—concludes the COVID shots have caused over 400,000 deaths in the U.S. alone. That’s 20 times higher than what the CDC VAERS system reports. Yet, Joe Biden continues to try to force these dangerous jabs into every arm, unlawfully violating God-given rights and religious freedom.

Also, I appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court TODAY, fighting Boston’s censorship of Christian viewpoints. Please be in prayer for a good result and read on for the news. — Mat

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Joe Biden and the CDC continue to parrot the line that the COVID shots are “safe” and “effective.” But as hospitals continue to fill with fully vaccinated COVID patients, proving the shots are ineffective, a new study by two research scientists—one from Columbia University—also shows the shots are anything but safe.

The CDC VAERS report logs over 21,000 deaths caused by the COVID jabs, which skipped the normal 7-10 years of vaccine safety testing. We know these numbers are vastly underreported. Now a new study by a Columbia University researcher and an independent research scientist from Israel says the COVID shot death count is 20 times higher than what VAERS is reporting—causing well over 400,000 deaths in the United States alone.

The study shows that within six weeks of injection, the COVID shots had “a negative correlation with mortality”; in other words, the shots are killing people.

The study concludes that the risks associated with the COVID shots “outweigh the benefits in children, young adults and older adults with low occupational risk or previous coronavirus exposure.”

The study authors continue: “no one, especially those with good intentions and high hopes but who were misled by less-than-rigorous science, wants to acknowledge the possibility that the COVID vaccines and their boosters may be causing more harm than good overall. The sooner the taboo surrounding research and discussion of vaccine-induced injury and death is lifted, the sooner public health policy can be adjusted, and resources can be mobilized to identify and develop therapies and interventions.”

The study authors conclude with the “urgent need to identify, develop and disseminate diagnostics and treatments for life-altering [COVID] vaccine injuries.”

Last summer, the U.S. military also admitted the shots were causing life-threatening myocarditis and heart attacks in otherwise perfectly healthy young men. The study was published in the Journal of American Medical Association Cardiology. But Biden didn’t listen to reason then and he’s not listening now. Instead, Biden is marching forward in a quest to force a jab into the arm of every military member and health care worker.

Members of the U.S. military have a legal RIGHT to religious exemption from the shots, but Joe Biden is ignoring that clear law as well—that’s why Liberty Counsel is suing to defend religious liberty within the ranks. Our clients all have deeply held religious convictions that preclude them from taking the COVID shots. The military has received more than 21,000 requests for religious exemption, which are being denied. These brave men and women who have protected OUR freedom are being robbed of their religious freedom and right to reject Biden’s unlawful orders.

Liberty Counsel will not allow Biden and his administration to purge the military of those who resist his unlawful demands.

Liberty Counsel’s massive class action lawsuit against the Biden administration is fighting to restore religious freedom for all members of the military, federal employees and civilian contractors.

The U.S. Navy has already begun the process of separating sailors from duty, removing recruits who filed religious exemptions. Other service members have been informed their “separation dates” will begin soon—unless our court STOPS this abuse. The brave men and women standing for their own religious freedom continue to be threatened with discharge, loss of pay and benefits, and repayment of education and training costs. The Biden administration is even trying to force shot-refusing personnel to pay their own way home from overseas deployment!

Following last week’s terrible 5-4 ruling by the Supreme upholding the health care mandate, our work helping health care workers obtain religious exemptions became even more URGENT!

Liberty Counsel is not only fighting for religious freedom of every person, we are fighting for their very lives … and YOURS!

Please, help us fight for the right to determine what goes into your body and the right to religious freedom from the tyrannical demands of these abusive mandates.


God bless you and your family,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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