Mandate Takes Marine's Life

Jan 7, 2022

A Marine threatened with dishonorable discharge over his religious objection to COVID shots has committed suicide. “The shot has now cost more Marine lives than the virus,” says a friend of the deceased, who also happens to be one of the plaintiffs in our case Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden.

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On December 21, just days before Christmas, Jonathan* received a call from his unit’s mental health services division. They were performing wellness checks on every unit member because a fellow platoon mate—a friend of Jonathan’s—had committed suicide.

Shocked at the news, Jonathan asked, “What happened?” The mental health counselor replied that the fallen Marine “was being Administratively Separated for refusing the COVID vaccine.”

STOP Joe Biden’s attack on religious service members! Defend our Defenders NOW!

Ever since Joe Biden announced his unlawful shot mandates, the brave men and women of our U.S. military have been bullied, abused and cajoled to reject their religious convictions and take Joe's jabs. Refusal to accept COVID shots can result in removal from the armed forces, forfeiture of all accumulated and future benefits, and repayment of education and training.

On December 23, Jonathan informed us of the tragic news. He wrote:

“I held this Marine in high regard. I worked with him on field operations. He was an excellent Marine. He obeyed orders. He was good at his job. Everyone liked him.”

Jonathan’s friend and platoon mate was highly decorated, even earning their unit’s “Iron Man” award for physical fitness. But Joe Biden’s DOD apparently didn’t care about that Marine’s skills, dedication or decorations. All Biden’s Department of Defense (DOD) cared about was purging the Marine Corps (and every other military branch) of religious faithful who would defy his unlawful orders.

Jonathan’s friend had a religious objection to the shot. But threatened with the loss of his beloved career and benefits and facing the lifelong disgrace of an undeserved dishonorable discharge, Jonathan’s friend ended his life.


For months, I have warned that Biden’s unlawful mandates’ impact on our military members’ lives, liberty and honor would result in disaster. Several of the chaplains who are co-plaintiffs in our class action lawsuit Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden have reported a massive increase in counseling calls. Repeatedly, these chaplains have warned that the abusive threats to military members would send the suicide rate higher.

And now Jonathan’s friend is dead … all because he sought his legal and rightful religious exemption to Biden’s jab.

“I am deeply grieved that the heavy-handed COVID shot separation policy now has killed more Marines than has the actual COVID-19 sickness,” wrote Jonathan in his heartbreaking email. “The policy of separating conscientious and religious objectors contributed to my friend’s decision to end his life.”

Today, the DOD must report to the federal judge in our case as to how they have handled the thousands of religious exemptions—not one of which has been approved. I wonder if the DOD will tell the judge about Jonathan’s fallen friend. Our litigation team will certainly speak on behalf of this fallen hero.

Next week, Liberty Counsel will renew our request for the judge to issue an injunction to protect all our clients from Biden’s abuse—military members, federal employees and civilian contractors alike.

As Jonathan’s email makes heartbreakingly clear, Liberty Counsel is not only fighting for the bodily autonomy and religious freedom of members of our armed forces, but we are also fighting for their very lives.

Help us fight for the men and women who fight for OUR freedom every day, and in doing so, you will be fighting to preserve your own freedom as well.

Please pray for the service members suffering under Biden’s outrageous mandates that are forcing Americans to choose between God or government.

STOP Biden’s attack on religious service members! Defend our Defenders NOW and have YOUR IMPACT DOUBLED by the Challenge Grant.

May God bless you and your family in this New Year and always!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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