This Happened in Just One Week

Dec 31, 2021

Cities banning Christian speech, states criminally charging pastors for opening churches, governors unlawfully ordering employers to disregard religious freedom, Kamala Harris’ persecution of the hero who exposed Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of baby body parts to sell, hospitals discriminating against Christians and Joe Biden’s unlawful shot mandates ...

Liberty Counsel has been in court on every one of the above in just one week!

Today, I’ll update you on each of these cases and share what YOU are doing to help save America’s religious freedom. —Mat

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The assaults on religious freedom are coming from every direction.

Employers, cities, states and Joe Biden and his cronies seem intent on systematically eradicating religious belief and expression from American culture. Multimillion-dollar punishments—and even the threat of prison—are being leveled against Christians and other people of faith.

November and December have been a whirlwind of activity on multiple cases and in multiple court rooms around the country. I want to give you a glimpse of just one week in our fight to secure religious freedom. Below is a short summary of several of the cases we battled in court in just one week alone...

Join our fight for religious freedom on every front.

Sandra Merritt and Planned Parenthood’s Baby Parts Scheme:

Civil Case: We filed a major brief in our appeal to the Ninth Circuit where we are seeking to undo the tragic $16 million judgment entered against Sandra Merritt for exposing Planned Parenthood's gruesome baby-parts trafficking. Oral arguments will take place in 2022.

Criminal Case: We wrote another major brief in Sandra's concurrently ongoing CRIMINAL case, where we are asking the California Supreme Court to intervene and derail the politically motivated criminal prosecution instigated by Kamala Harris and Xavier Becerra against Sandra for exposing Planned Parenthood's evil business. The criminal case is going to a jury trial in San Francisco in 2022. They're trying to put Sandra in jail for 10 years.

Shurtleff and Camp Constitution v. City of Boston:
We filed our opening brief for our Supreme Court case against the City of Boston's “all applicants” are welcome EXCEPT CHRISTIANS policy. The city censored Camp Constitution’s flag during a Constitution Day celebration solely because of the word “Christian” on the application. No one had been censored over the prior 12 years. LGBTQ was permitted. Christian viewpoints on the Constitution were not. I will argue the case at the High Court on January 18.


Calvary Chapel v. ME Gov. Janet Mills:
Last year, ME Gov. Janet Mills unlawfully ordered churches closed, imposing steep fines and threatening jail time for any minister or house of worship that refused to follow her unlawful orders. Calvary Chapel’s religious worship was “illegal” from March 2020 to May 2021. We filed our final Reply Brief at the Court of Appeals to permanently stop Gov. Mills from ever attempting to close churches again.

Jane Does v. ME Gov. Janet Mills:
Not content to unlawfully order churches closed, this year ME Gov. Janet Mills has ordered all Maine health care providers to reject all religious exemptions and to inject their staff with the COVID shots, or lose their license to do business. We filed a lengthy petition asking the Supreme Court to stop this illegal order and protect these health care heroes.

Jane Does v. NorthShore University HealthSystem:
We appeared in an Illinois federal court to stop the unlawful termination of health care workers who request religious exemptions from the shots. We argued to extend our temporary restraining order and to certify the class to protect all health care workers.

Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden:
We appeared in a Florida federal court arguing to protect military members, federal employees and civilian contractors from Joe Biden’s shot mandates. Every branch of the military has DENIED every service member’s request for religious exemption. Military members will be discharged, lose VA and GI benefits, and be required to pay back the cost of training, education and travel home—even from foreign and remote military bases!

During this one week, our staff had to comb through 1,100 pages of documents the DOJ dumped on us even as we wrote a response in support of our pending Motion for Preliminary Injunction and petitioned for class action status.

And all the work mentioned above does not include our other pending cases defending against the COVID shot mandates, our work with tens of thousands of people pleading for help or our work with 35,000+ passenger and cargo transportation industry personnel.


God has raised Liberty Counsel for such a time as this.

Each day, we receive hundreds of desperate pleas for help.

We appreciate your PRAYERS as we battle the wickedness before us.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6:12).

Thank you for standing with us!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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