First Responders Push Back

Dec 24, 2021

Five hundred first responders in Orange County, Florida, have responded to many emergency calls related to injuries caused by Joe Biden’s COVID shot mandates. The Firefighter of the Year now speaks out. You will want to hear what he says. Read on. — Mat

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“We’re not for or against the vaccine,” says Jason Wheat, an Orange County firefighter. “It’s about freedom of choice. If we’re of sound mind, we should be able to decide what we put in our bodies.”

Jason has been a firefighter for 17 years and was named Florida’s Firefighter of the Year in 2019. Now this brave first responder is fighting his mayor, who is punishing firefighters and other first responders for refusing to take the COVID shots.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings issued a decree requiring all public employees to get the jab by Sept. 30. First responders were initially told they would be fired if they did not obey—no exceptions. Many have refused.

According to Jason, many of the first responders fear the shot because they have responded to calls where people have been seriously harmed or died shortly after taking a COVID injection.

Many also have religious objections because aborted fetal cell lines were used in the development or testing of all the COVID shots. And still others, Jason says, simply object because they feel they should have a right to choose what to put in their own bodies.

When it began to appear that Orange County could lose as many as 500 firefighters (38% of the force), the mayor changed tack. Rather than outright termination, the mayor demanded that each person who refused the injection receive an official reprimand on their employment record—even if the employee filed a religious or medical exemption.

A formal reprimand has a severe long-term impact on the careers of first responders, affecting pay, promotions and future employment.

Orange County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Stephen Davis refused to fire OR reprimand his staff, as the mayor demanded. Stephen was terminated.

Jason reports that vaccinated employees are bullying and harassing what they call “the dirty unvaccinated.” That harassment is leading to dangerous situations among first responders. Similar to the airline pilots we represent, the stress is creating serious safety concerns. Worse yet, the fire department has suffered three suicides since the mandates began.

First responders see firsthand what the latest VAERS report shows—965,841 shot injuries, 106,308 urgent care visits, 106,129 hospitalizations and 33,675 permanent disabilities from the COVID shots as of December 10, 2021. And these numbers reflect less that 1% of the total number of injuries and deaths!

This tyranny was unthinkable a few short years ago. Liberty Counsel is leading the way in fighting for freedom.


In addition to our class action lawsuit against Joe Biden on behalf of military members, federal employees and civilian contractors, Liberty Counsel’s lawsuit against Maine is now before the Supreme Court.

Gov. Janet Mills unlawfully ordered that health care workers in her state take the jab or lose their jobs—with no religious exemptions. Mills is also threatening to revoke the business licenses of any employer that does not enforce her illegal demands!

In addition to the above cases, we are also assisting 35,000 airline and transportation industry employees. And of course, we have our massive class action lawsuit, Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden, defending the brave members of our armed forces against Biden’s unlawful shot orders. We will soon return to the federal court to defend these heroes.

Liberty Counsel is leading the fight against these insane and dangerous mandates. We cannot do this alone. Help us help tens of thousands (indeed, millions) of people pleading for help.

Desperate pleas for help pour in every day. The abuse and harassment of these precious people can be emotionally overwhelming. Mixed with the fear in their voices, we also daily receive many people exuberantly expressing thanks for our help to get their exemption approved.

The past several months have been emotionally exhausting. But each call for help also builds our resolve to stand against the evil dictates of out-of-control, power-mad officials.

In addition to our staff, we have trained over 90 of our affiliate attorneys to help us fight these mandates. We need your help more than ever.

Liberty Counsel is helping tens of thousands of people from every sector. And we are defending people who sacrifice everything for our freedom and well-being.

Whether it’s our military heroes against Joe Biden, or the health care heroes we represent in the courts of Maine, New York, Illinois and the Supreme Court, each of these brave men and women have gone from “heroes to zeroes” simply because they have requested a religious exemption.

Please say a prayer for everyone we are helping and for our Liberty Counsel staff members as we fight to STOP THE MANDATES.

Mat Staver

Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



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