He Can No Longer Be a Chaplain

Dec 17, 2021

It’s becoming evident that Joe Biden wants to purge the religious faithful from the military services and public life in general. Liberty Counsel is fighting him every step of the way. The following story of a military chaplain reveals what these heroes are facing ... and what we are doing to stop Biden’s unlawful mandates. — Mat

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Jonathan* has a Christian worldview developed over 40 years. Since childhood, Jonathan has attended church service nearly every weekend. He completed 21 years of Christian education, through elementary, secondary and college, later earning his master’s and doctoral degrees. And for the last 23 years, Jonathan has been a pastor. Fourteen of those pastoral years have been serving as a United States Air Force chaplain. He practices his faith in numerous ways every day.

“I am the man, husband, son, brother, chaplain and officer I am today because of my faith and my convictions,” Jonathan says.

Considering his life story, and the fact that his daily job with the military is serving our Lord, one would think Jonathan’s request for a religious exemption from the COVID shots would have been almost automatically approved. Instead, like all the other religious exemption requests the U.S. military has received, Chaplain Jonathan’s request was flatly denied.

When Chaplain Jonathan submitted his request, he included 12 full pages of Bible verses from which he drew his convictions. In the initial request, as well as the ensuing appeal, the chaplain thoroughly demonstrated how and why he could not, in accordance with his deep and obvious faith, take the COVID vaccines.

In his sworn testimony for our class action lawsuit against Joe Biden, Chaplain Jonathan powerfully states his claim ...

“Receiving the vaccine would be a sin against God, would sear my conscience, would invite increasing spiritual rebellion into my life and work, would cause me to lead others who share my religious convictions to also sin, would be a form of false worship, would be to violate the command of God to love God and love people, and would defile my body.

“I also demonstrated that the mandate goes against the rule of law and is an overstepping of the government’s biblical role and jurisdiction in society,” the chaplain continued. “These are incongruent with my ordination as a minister of the Gospel, and if they are present in my life would disqualify me from leading those in my faith tradition. In short, if I take this vaccine, I can no longer be a chaplain.”

Even though Chaplain Jonathan’s very existence as a commissioned officer in the USAF is contingent on his status within his religious community and the practice of his faith, Joe Biden’s Department of Defense paradoxically insists that Jonathan now betray his faith in order to continue serving as a military chaplain.

Don’t let Joe Biden run Christians out of the military! Defend Religious Freedom!

Like many things the Biden administration has wrought upon America, this shot mandate is neither logical nor lawful. In fact, given the number of chaplains included in our massive class action lawsuit, Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden, it seems that Biden wants neither Christians nor chaplains serving in his military.

Liberty Counsel has spent over 32 years fighting tyrants who try to chip away at America’s religious liberty. We have served as the tip of the spear for protecting the rights of God’s people since 1989. During that time, we have defended traditional marriage, the right to life and the right of every American to live out their faith as their consciences require, not as tyrannical politicians demand.

We stood and fought when the pro-death politicians behind Planned Parenthood tried to take down Baby Parts for Sale whistleblower Sandra Merritt. We stood and fought when the City of New York tried to ban sidewalk preachers. We stood and fought when the City of Boston tried to censor Christian viewpoints.

We defended the pastors criminally charged, fined and arrested for serving their flocks. We freed the churches unlawfully ordered to close. We’re fighting Joe Biden’s unlawful attempt to put a jab in every arm, while running the religious faithful out of our health care system, out of the military and out of public life.

Liberty Counsel will not stop fighting until America’s precious religious freedom is fully restored!

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel