Nation of Islam Gets Preferential Treatment

Dec 13, 2021

Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is exempt from San Francisco’s shot mandates, but Christians are not. Read on to learn how the city that threatened to shut down Christian churches in 2020 is once again violating the law. Unlawful preferential treatment is happening across the country.

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The City of San Francisco decreed a vaccine mandate for all employees. No religious exemptions are allowed—unless one belongs to Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. Christians and Jews, however, are out of luck.

Liberty Counsel has received transcripts of messages confirming the city’s blatantly discriminatory policy. The messages were between a San Francisco city official and a Christian employee seeking a religious exemption from the shot mandate.

The city is granting religious exemptions to adherents of the Nation of Islam because the religious group reportedly modified its doctrine to include opposition to the COVID shots. San Francisco is also giving preferential treatment to members of the Christian Science sect.

Title VII employment law and First Amendment cases from the Supreme Court are crystal clear—the only thing that matters is YOUR SINCERELY HELD RELIGIOUS BELIEF. Whether a third-party agrees or not is irrelevant.

This isn’t the first time the Golden Gate city has blatantly discriminated against Christians. And this kind of preferential treatment of one religion over another is happening across the country.


Heavy fines and even criminal charges were levied against San Francisco churches that refused to close their doors. No such fines or charges were levied against BLM. In fact, San Francisco Mayor London Breed joined the George Floyd protests and even took the podium with several BLM- supporting celebrities in front of massive crowds.

Breed told the crowd, “I am the mayor, but I'm a black woman first,” perhaps in justification as to why she was breaking her own public gathering decree. No tickets or criminal charges were issued to the gathered celebrities or the protesters that day.

Yet at the very same time, the mayor was forbidding churches from opening their doors. In fact, churches could only meet outside with no more than 12 people, including the pastor.

When Lighthouse Church of San Francisco refused to close its doors, the city slapped them with fines and criminal charges. When the church continued to resist the mayor’s unlawful shutdown orders, the city threatened to seize and destroy the church buildings through “summary abatement.”

We stopped California and San Francisco’s discrimination against churches and places of worship, winning twice at the Supreme Court.

And with God’s help, we will stop this new COVID mandate discrimination against Christians and religious faithful as well.

We have multiple legal cases challenging the shot mandates. We are preparing to return to court on our class action lawsuit on behalf of members of the military. Not one religious exemption has been granted to any service member. This will not bode well for Biden’s Department of Justice when we return to court.

In addition to our litigation, we are working with over 30,000 people providing legal guidance and assistance to obtain religious exemptions.

But we need YOUR help. As you know, Liberty Counsel never charges for our legal work. Few people could ever afford to fight a tyrannically minded mayor, governor or government agency with access to mammoth resources on their own. Instead, we rely on the generous support of friends like you to help fund the fight for religious freedom.

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Please, help us fight the anti-Christian tyranny that has infected our land. We fought for the churches against the shutdown orders and won. I have no doubt that we will win again as we defend the churches’ people against the shot mandates.


Please be in prayer for all the victims of these unlawful shot mandates by tyrants who refuse to honor religious freedom. Please also be in prayer for our staff to overcome this evil.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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