He Planned to End it All Last Sunday

Dec 10, 2021

YOUR support in one of our church cases and our fight against the COVID shot mandates helped save a life this past Sunday. I want to tell you about this remarkable story, and what it has to do with the shot mandate cases we are working on right now. Read on. — Mat

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In March of 2020, IL Gov. J.B. Pritzker unlawfully ordered all Illinois churches closed. Our client, Logos Baptist Ministries of Illinois, faced outrageous fines and criminal charges for simply staying open to serve their flock. Liberty Counsel defended Logos, and not only got all fines and charges dropped, but we dragged Gov. Pritzker to the steps of the Supreme Court and forced him to lift his church shutdown orders.

I have no doubt in my mind, especially after the latest shot mandates, that if it weren’t for our lawsuit, Gov. Pritzker would have imposed Vaccine Passports and severe restrictions on churches and places of worship. Before we sued him last year, he warned churches they would only be able to open when the attendees showed proof of vaccination.

Thank God that is not the case because the open doors at Logos this past Sunday saved the life of a person who planned on committing suicide.

Last Sunday, Darius* drove to Logos Baptist in Illinois, one of the Romanian churches Liberty Counsel represents. This church was in the news because of our case against Gov. Pritzker. Darius thought one of our attorneys, Harry Mihet, who was born in Romania, might be at the church.

Darius was desperate for help. If our attorney could not help him, Darius had already decided to end his life that night.

Darius was a NorthShore University HealthSystem employee and had refused to take the COVID jabs. As a result, he lost his job. His wife had left, and his marriage ended in a bitter divorce last month. To make matters worse, because Darius lost his job, the judge gave his wife custody of their two young daughters until the “NorthShore situation settles.” Heartbroken and hopeless, Darius went to the church seeking counsel from Harry.

Darius drove to Logos only to be informed that the attorney whom he sought was not at the church, and in fact, didn’t even live in the state of Illinois but rather works for Liberty Counsel in Florida.

Darius was crushed, and his spirit was broken. He turned to go home and end his life. Thank God, someone at the church invited him to stay for the evening service that was about to begin. Reluctantly, Darius took a seat.

Anger and despair began to simmer in Darius’ mind as he listened to the sermon. “All my plans have crumbled,” he thought. “I got nothing!” But then a young woman from the choir sang a phrase that Darius says haunts him even now: “I pray you’ll be our eyes and watch us where we go and help us to be wise in times when we don’t know. Guide us with your grace to a place where we’ll be safe.” The song is called “The Prayer.”

Moved by the song, Darius made a different choice that night.

“I then realized that if I ended my life on Sunday night, I would meet the One who always watches, and I would not spend eternity with Him.”

Darius says the service that evening turned his life “180 degrees.” He had received the Lord when he was 21 years old somewhere in the Tennessee mountains. The song reminded Darius of that day long ago.

This true story illustrates how fundamentally important ALL our work is defending religious freedom. YOUR support makes this possible.

Without you, Liberty Counsel would not have been able to successfully fight to keep Logos Baptist Ministries open. Without you, Liberty Counsel would not be representing the health care workers at NorthShore University HealthSystem fighting these insane mandates.

Without YOUR prayers and support, Darius might very well be dead today.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your steadfast support.

This month you can make a donation that will be DOUBLED by a generous Matching Gift established by a Christian organization. We have until December 31 to reach the 500,000-dollar goal!

Studies show that during the 20+ months of COVID, from shutdowns to shot mandates, American mental health is at an all-time low. Anxiety, depression and suicide are up, while Americans who rate their mental health as “excellent” are at an all-time low. There is one singular exception, however—people who regularly attend church. In fact, regular churchgoers—those allowed to exercise their religious freedom—had the highest mental health scores of all other groups.

The military chaplain clients in our shot mandate case Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden say they fear the already high suicide rate will climb even higher with the shot mandates. Darius’ story tells me they are right. We will continue to fight to restore religious freedom and bring hope to the hopeless.

Please be in prayer for all of the victims of these unlawful shot mandates by tyrants who refuse to honor religious freedom. Please also be in prayer for our staff to overcome this evil.

“There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known” (Luke 12:2).

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*Name changed to protect privacy.


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