Freedom Works—Mandates Are Unlawful

Dec 1, 2021

Florida has over 22 million residents and will have had more than 100 million visitors in 2021. Florida has been mandate-free since September 2020 and is now tied for the lowest COVID rates in the country. Freedom works. Yet, Joe Biden continues to violate the law in his attempt to force the shots and the never-ending boosters into every arm.

As we enter the season of the seventh “variant,” and more than 18 months after “two weeks to flatten the curve,” it’s time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and restore everyone’s freedom—especially our military service members. — Mat

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Florida has a population of 22 million. The state has been open with no restrictions or vaccine mandates since September 2020. This freedom brought a massive wave of tourists stuck in locked-down states.

Over the last nine months, Florida has entertained 91.84 million tourists and will far exceed 100 million by the end of the year. Beaches, stadiums, restaurants, shopping malls and nightclubs are filled with unmasked people living free lives. Yet, as of this writing, Florida has the lowest COVID infection rate per capita in the country.


In contrast, the U.S. military has just over 2.1 million active and reserve personnel. And even though vaccinated people can just as easily transmit COVID (more so, according to some studies), and despite the military’s own studies proving the mRNA shots cause myocarditis and pericarditis in previously healthy young men, Biden continues to demand every military member get the shots … or else.

As of November 19, the CDC’s own vaccine injury reporting website (VAERS) shows that a staggering 913,266 COVID shot injuries have been reported. And this number is the tip of the iceberg.

In our class action lawsuit, Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden, the Department of Defense (DOD) was forced to admit it has not granted ANY religious exemptions. Honorable service members, many of whom have served for decades during America’s longest war, were told they would be court-martialed, discharged from the military and would lose all rank and benefits—including their retirement, and potentially even their freedom.

Joe* has spent most of his adult life at war. With multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan during his nearly two decades of service, Joe’s commitment to his country is clear. Yet, he now faces discharge.

Edith* has spent over 20 years with the service, qualifying for retirement years ago, if she wanted it. Now she is being told she will not even be allowed to retire if she does not take the jab.

Joshua* has served nearly a decade in special forces but was told he would need to take the jab or spend time in military prison.

Jane* is a Lt. Colonel in the Marine Corps who told me yesterday she expects the number of suicides in the military services to increase due to the pressure.

The commitment of these brave men and women to their country is clear. However, their commitment to God is greater. They refuse to take a shot derived from or tested on aborted fetal cells.

Our clients in Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden comprise service members from every branch of military service. These brave men and women did not hesitate to risk their lives to defend OUR freedom. Nor will they hesitate to risk their livelihoods to fight for their own freedom.

STOP Biden’s Assault on the Military!

After a lifetime of service, this treatment of our honorable service members is outrageous. Biden’s rejection of all religious exemptions is patently illegal.

1. All the shots are under Emergency Use Authorization—meaning everyone has the right to refuse them. Comirnaty, which has received approval, is not available according to the FDA, NIH, CDC and Pfizer.

2. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) forbids the federal government and the DOD from violating sincerely religious beliefs.

But Biden’s DOD has not approved ANY religious exemptions.

We will soon return to court to stop this unlawful abuse.

* * * * * * * *

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We now have three cases before the Supreme Court defending religious freedom. Liberty Counsel has never been so busy in our 32-year history!

To help us at this critical time, a Christian organization will match Liberty Counsel donations up to 500,000 dollars! We only have until December 31 to reach the goal in order to receive all of the matching funds.

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“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Rom. 12:21).

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*Names changed to protect privacy.


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