Three Supreme Court Cases and Much More

Nov 23, 2021

In just the last several days, we filed in three cases at the U.S. Supreme Court, attended two major court hearings, defended a pro-life hero against Planned Parenthood and fought Biden’s COVID shot mandates.

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The Supreme Court is now reviewing THREE Liberty Counsel cases defending religious freedom and free speech ...

Boston Christian speech case ...

On November 15, Liberty Counsel filed its opening brief at the Supreme Court on behalf of Camp Constitution regarding Boston’s censorship of the Christian viewpoint. Amicus briefs supporting our case are now pouring into our office. I will argue the case on January 18, 2022.

This case will set national precedent regarding the issue of government censorship of Christian speech in a public forum.

Boston censored Camp Constitution’s flag, which was to be raised for about an hour during the observance of Constitution Day. The word “Christian” on the application triggered the censorship. If that one word had not been used to describe the flag, there would have been no lawsuit. The flag would have been allowed if it had been described as anything BUT Christian.

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Maine COVID Shot Mandate case ...

We requested expedited relief from the Supreme Court in our case defending religious health care workers from Gov. Janet Mills’ order that demands employers deny religious exemptions and fire health care workers whose religious beliefs prohibit them from getting the shots.

We represent more than 2,000 Maine health care workers. Many who requested religious exemptions are now unemployed, having been terminated on October 29, the governor’s deadline for compliance.

Health care workers are already in short supply. These shot mandates are creating a state of emergency by further reducing the number of qualified doctors, nurses and other health care workers.

In Washington state, for instance, a woman with contractions 3-4 minutes apart was turned away because of a staff shortage. She was told to return when her water broke, or she began to experience heavy bleeding.

NY COVID Shot Mandate Case ...

Liberty Counsel filed an amicus brief at the Supreme Court on behalf of John Doe 1 seeking emergency relief for New York health care workers. John Doe 1 is our client in a separate lawsuit. For 50 years, he has cared for residents in the nursing home. All but one of his employees who care for 15 residents have requested religious exemptions.

As of yesterday, the nursing home is in violation of the governor’s orders to fire employees who object to the shots based on religious grounds. But if he fired them, he would have to EVICT the nursing home residents and then he would be in violation of other state laws.

Gov. Hochul’s orders have put our client in an impossible situation—whether he complies or not, he will be in violation of the law. The mandates are insane and inhumane.

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Our legal actions at the U.S. Supreme Court require an enormous amount of attention and time, but Liberty Counsel is also deeply involved in many other vital activities right now. Here are just a few recent examples:

Pro-life Sidewalk Counselors—Case Dismissed ...

The NY Attorney General dismissed the case it filed to censor the Christian and pro-life speech of Liberty Counsel’s client Scott Fitchett Jr. as he shares the gospel outside New York’s largest abortion business. And New York will now have to pay litigation costs.

Fighting Government Tyranny and Defending a Pro-life Hero ...

We continue to fight against the unlawful shot mandates and church shutdown orders. And we filed a brief at the California Supreme Court defending pro-life warrior Sandra Merritt against criminal charges for exposing Planned Parenthood’s gruesome “Baby Parts for Sale” scheme.

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“All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God” (2 Cor. 4:15).

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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