Expectant Mothers and Infants Face Crisis

Nov 9, 2021

A husband and his pregnant wife about to give birth were turned away from maternity services because the hospital was short staffed. As you know, hospitals continue to unlawfully force the COVID shots on their employees. Some staff members are being fired, and others are walking away. The result is a serious health care crisis.

I will update you on several breaking developments, including our case against Joe Biden. —Mat

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A woman in Washington state with contractions three to four minutes apart was turned away because the hospital was only accepting “emergencies” due to its low staffing level. She was told she could return when her water broke or if she developed heavy bleeding.

The frantic husband drove his wife back home. He said the neighbors probably thought he was beating her because they could probably hear her groans! They waited until reaching the point of medical danger before they returned.

Insane and abusive COVID shot mandates are decimating already low hospital staffing levels. We will not rest until we stop these illegal mandates!

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The CDC’s vaccine injury reporting system (VAERS) gives ample evidence that the COVID shots are injuring and killing people. According to VAERS, these deaths exceed all prior vaccines combined.

Further, the injuries from the COVID shots amount to 50% of all vaccine injuries reported since 1990, despite the fact that COVID shots are less than a year old.

But the COVID mandates are also taking a toll on doctors, nurses and hospital support personnelleading to a medical services crisis. Many hospitals enforcing the mandates are in states that pressure them to do so, and such hospitals are losing staff members. The resulting crisis will affect anyone in their area of service needing medical care.

Elizabeth* is a nurse within the infant special care unit at Illinois’ NorthShore University HealthSystem. She is one of our clients in an important class action lawsuit. A mother herself, Elizabeth has spent her career caring for newborns at NorthShore. These infants have special medical needs requiring constant care, reminding Elizabeth every day how precious life is.

Elizabeth is a Christian who believes that taking a drug developed or tested using aborted fetal cells is a sin against God, the giver of life. Her future now hangs in the balance, depending on a legal hearing a week from today.

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When the shot mandates were announced at NorthShore, Elizabeth submitted a religious exemption form, as is her right under both federal and Illinois law. After submitting her religious exemption request, Elizabeth became the target of daily harassment from her supervisors who demeaned and belittled her religious beliefs.

One of the reasons she quietly and patiently endures the bad treatment is that Elizabeth is the sole provider for her family and the only source of health insurance for her severely asthmatic son.

In September, NorthShore stopped approving religious exemption requests and instead started denying every one—including those previously granted. All employees who did not have the shot would be fired, according to the hospital.

Elizabeth had a choice—submit to the shot and sin against God or lose the job that pays her family’s bills and provides health insurance for her son.

Thankfully, Elizabeth rejected the shot and contacted Liberty Counsel. When NorthShore ignored our demand letter, we filed a class action lawsuit to stop the illegal mandate!

Elizabeth is “Jane Doe 9” in our lawsuit against NorthShore. Eleven days ago, we won a temporary restraining order against NorthShore. A week from today, we return to court to fight to extend the duration of the order and to include the entire class of health care workers.

NorthShore is illegally denying ALL religious exemptions from mandatory COVID shots. Even in times of crisis, the laws protecting our religious freedom have no pause buttons. We are fighting for these health care heroes and tens of thousands of others.

Fear and panic are palpable in many of those applying for COVID injection exemptions. While sharing their stories with our staff, people often break down and sob. Every day, we experience the cruel side of these shot mandates. Faithful workers feel betrayed. I never imagined there could be so much abuse and disdain for exemplary workers who also take their faith seriously.

But each tearful call also builds our resolve to fight these evil mandates ruining the lives of millions.

The need is overwhelming. We are helping tens of thousands of people in an array of cases fighting unlawful decrees. And we have filed a massive class action lawsuit on behalf of military members, federal employees and civilian contractors against Joe Biden! Our hearing on this case will take place November 15.

And in our lawsuit against Maine Gov. Janet Mills, where we represent more than 2,000 health care workers, today we filed to have the Supreme Court review the case. Please be in prayer for a successful result!

We also have a lawsuit pending in New York, and we continue to advise the 35,000+ members of the U.S. Freedom Flyers—workers from every sector of the passenger and cargo transportation industry.

To keep up with the sheer avalanche of need, we trained 90 Affiliate Attorneys to help us. We need your financial help more than ever!

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Please pray for everyone we are helping and for our staff members as we fight to STOP THE ILLEGAL SHOT MANDATES.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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