This Will Make the Supply Crisis Worse

Nov 8, 2021

The supply chain is already strained. Today, hear from Ethan*, who like thousands of other railroad employees is being forced to take the jab or lose his job on December 8. Learn how this illegal mandate is turning our nation’s supply chain crisis into a catastrophe. —Mat

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For years, Ethan has helped ensure Americans have food on their tables, appliances in their kitchens, fuel in their furnaces and parts for their cars. His job with one of the world’s largest railroads is crucial to our supply chain.

In 2020, his railroad transported over 2 trillion tons of freight in more than 25 million containers. These trains carry much of America’s food supply, delivering everything from whole grains like wheat and soybeans to frozen dinners, soda and much more.

Store and kitchen shelves would be empty if it were not for the dedicated men and women who keep trains running. But Joe Biden’s insane COVID shot mandate will derail these trains and cause a catastrophic supply shortage.


Like employees in other industries, rail workers are standing their ground and insisting their right to medical and religious freedom be respected and honored—regardless of Biden’s unlawful orders.

As a Christian, Ethan will not take any drug developed or tested using fetal cell lines derived from aborted children. Because all the COVID vaccines were developed and/or tested using those fetal cell lines, Ethan cannot take them without violating his deeply held religious convictions.

He completed his railroad’s religious exemption form only to have it flatly denied. The railroad is now rejecting all religious exemption requests, and there is no appeal. Unless Ethan and his colleagues take the jab, they will all be terminated December 8.

The rail industry is already short staffed. In July, major manufacturers sent a letter to the Surface Transportation Board, a federal agency within Biden’s Department of Transportation, complaining of trains and fully loaded box cars sitting in lots for more than a week with no workers to move them.

Factories have been forced to limit shifts or temporarily close altogether because trains have not been able to deliver raw materials for production. Thousands of ships still wait off the Pacific shore to be unloaded into the semitrucks and rail cars that keep America’s shelves stocked.

Yet, Biden continues to insist that all federal employees, civilian contractors and companies with over 100 employees FIRE anyone who refuses the jabs.

The mandates are making the supply chain crisis much worse.


Liberty Counsel is advising the U.S. Freedom Flyers—a group of more than 35,000 employees covering every transportation sector. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines canceled thousands of flights after they announced their shot mandates. Both had to acknowledge staffing shortages.

And both recently sent a communication to their pilots advising them to leave the discussion of these mandates out of the cockpit because the distraction was causing flight safety incidents to increase.

Over-the-road carriers and semitruck drivers, who take our goods from cargo trains and planes to our stores, are also being affected.

Many employees under the intense pressure of mandates will be fired or they’ll quit. Both paths will result in the biggest transportation and supply crisis we have ever seen … unless these mandates are stopped!

Our workload to help all these people is crushing, but these crucial legal cases are vital! The window to STOP THE MANDATES is quickly closing. We are overwhelmed with the volume and intense emotions of the tens of thousands of people who reach out to us.

On one of our legal help calls last week, Sarah*, whose Stage IV cancer is in remission, planned to retire November 13, but if she does not get the shot TODAY, she will be terminated and lose her retirement. Sarah wept as she shared her story.

But Biden does not care. WE DO, AND WE WILL FIGHT HIS MANDATES! The treatment these people are suffering is heartbreaking. Our staff members have cried and prayed with many of these desperate and panicked people.

We have lawsuits filed in Illinois, Maine and New York defending health care workers. We have also filed a massive class action lawsuit defending military, federal employees and civilian contractors.

We have trained over 80 Affiliate Attorneys to help us with the avalanche of need. Help us help more people through our Challenge Grant that will DOUBLE the impact of your gift. We are nearly overwhelmed!


Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*Names changed to protect privacy.


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