Military Jabs "Doing More Harm Than Good"

Oct 12, 2021

A Navy health care professional with nearly two decades of service and 20 months of hands-on experience fighting COVID says the shots are doing more harm than good.

Read on for the inside story as we prepare to sue Joe Biden and others on behalf of military members, federal employees and civilian contractors. With God’s grace, Liberty Counsel WILL free members of the armed forces, as well as every oppressed American, from Biden’s twisted jab mandates. —Mat

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Darius* is a chief petty officer who has served for nearly two decades. With four years of military advanced medical training, a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) certification and a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Health Studies, he has a solid understanding of both practical medicine and medical research.

With multiple deployments in support of elite combat teams as well as years of medical service stateside, this chief petty officer is well versed in bioethics application through his real-world experience. And Darius is blowing the whistle on Joe Biden’s illegal shot policy.


Darius was put in charge of the “pandemic response,” not only at his military base but also for the city nearby. His job was to ensure his team’s preparations mitigated the “disaster” coming their way.

But that medical “disaster” never actually arrived, says Darius.

“Sometimes the hospitals were busy or full, but the situation never seemed dire, just persistent,” he says. “The local government officials and mayor (with whom I was partnered) began to question if the lockdowns were worth the economic harm to a mostly poverty-stricken society.”

By the time Biden’s shot mandate came down, Darius had already seen enough to know something was wrong. He began to use his training to observe and analyze the COVID data. His work over the last 20 months brought him to an unshakable conclusion:

“I cannot in good conscience just stand by and allow our nation to sweep away decades of critical thinking, good judgement, and sound medical practice for the advancement of some sort of alternative agenda,” he wrote. “I trust my God has led me to believe that this vaccine is not safe or effective.”

Having been assigned to the Special Operations community for years, Darius noticed something unusual taking place in the American public, “a shift and polarization of the population.”

“This division was fueled by political agendas and fear unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. Irrational thinking dominated—informed decisions and constructive dialogue have all been thrown out of the window.”


Darius writes, “Moreover, we are now seeing top-down medical protocols that force providers to comply versus independently practiced medicine.”

With this top-down system of directives, government agencies are hamstringing health care providers from engaging in critical thinking. Any move that contradicts the official COVID response is effectively considered a “thought crime,” according to Darius, and is “immediately suppressed.”

Darius has personally known several patients who have had “significant adverse reactions” to shots, including myocarditis. Worse, military health care providers are being pressured NOT to report these injuries to VAERS.

“If the incidence of myocarditis is significant, we must consider the effect on a patient population whose survivability is 99.986%. We are doing more harm than good, and the end does not justify the means.”

Liberty Counsel is going to court to fight this lawless administration.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*The name has been changed to protect the person's identity.


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