Congress Exempt as Military Heroes Face Prison

Oct 4, 2021

Joe Biden granted Congress an exemption from COVID shots, while his Department of Defense ordered every active and reserve service member to get the shots. For merely submitting a religious exemption request, these heroes are being threatened with prison and dishonorable discharge.

The distraught mother of a USAF 1st Lieutenant contacted our office, desperate to keep her daughter out of military prison for the “crime” of claiming religious exemption.

Chaplains from all branches have told us that the pressure and abuse to get these shots will increase the rate of suicide. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS ABUSE OF THE MILITARY TO CONTINUE.

Liberty Counsel is filing suit against Biden’s Department of Defense to keep the religious faithful in the military out of prison.

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In April of this year, Nancy Pelosi insisted that all members of the United States Congress, and their staff, be exempted from the shot mandates.

Earlier this year, Pelosi said Congress could not mandate the shots and that it was a "matter of privacy."

Pelosi got her way, and all of Congress remains exempt to this day. Even postal workers are allowed to continue serving without the shots. But that “special privilege” of exemption is not being applied to the very people who risk everything to defend our freedom - the US military.

Defend our Defenders! Join us as we SUE Biden’s DOD!

Military members are being told NO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS.

Bethany reached out for help. She is distraught over the fate that awaits her daughter, a Lieutenant in the Air Force.

Bethany’s daughter, along with thousands of other active-duty military members with spotless service records, is facing PRISON for merely submitting a religious exemption request.

“The USAF is mandating an experimental vaccine with no recourse, while the CDC, WHO, Congress and USPS are exempt,” wrote Bethany. “These are governmental agencies. Why are they exempt, and not our military?”

Bethany’s daughter signed up for service to defend the very freedom she is now denied. She has been ordered to get the jab by November 2. If she does not, she will be court martialed and dishonorably discharged.

Unlike Pelosi, Bethany’s daughter will not be granted her right to privacy, nor will she be granted a religious exemption as is her right under military law, the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the First Amendment. Instead, this military hero will be charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and the punishment includes time in military prison.

Facing dishonorable discharge is the ultimate betrayal for those who risked their lives, were wounded, and have seen their friends killed and dismembered by bombs and IEDs. The threat of dishonorable discharge will unquestionably increase the rate of suicide.

The DOD just released its 2020 report on suicide among active-duty military members. The suicide rate soared last year. The chaplains who have contacted our office tell us that the threat of dishonorable discharge is pushing even more service members to contemplate ending their own lives over the disgraceful way they are being treated.

THESE HEROES DESERVE HONOR AND RESPECT. We will not allow Biden’s DOD to abuse them, or worse, push some to suicide.

Liberty Counsel is filing a class action lawsuit to represent every service member in every branch. We WILL defend these brave men and women against Biden’s illegal mandate.

Help us TAKE DOWN Joe Biden’s Department of Defense!

In addition to military members, we represent tens of thousands of people in every private and public employment sector. We are defending our health care heroes who have already been terminated or face termination.

In addition to our core staff, we have trained 70 of our affiliate attorneys to help carry the load. Daily, we send out multiple demand letters. We have filed lawsuits. While we have had many victories, we also hear heart-wrenching cries for help every day.

In addition to our core staff, we have trained 70 of our affiliate attorneys to help carry the load. Daily, we send out multiple demand letters. We have filed lawsuits. While we have had many victories, we also hear heart-wrenching cries for help every day.

We’ve cried with these desperate people. They come to us without hope. We give them hope. We were the first and only public interest law firm actually helping these precious people.


BREAKING NEWS The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear our case where the city of Boston censored Camp Constitution’s Christian viewpoint during a celebration of Constitution Day. The briefs are due next month. I will argue the case early next year, and a decision from the Court is expected by the end of June 2022. This case will set national precedent.

Many staff members are working 18-hour days. We are warriors for truth and justice. We will not abandon these desperate people in need.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Tim 1:7).

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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*Names in this email have been changed for privacy.


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