Big Win in NY

Sep 16, 2021

“I think the government is covering this up,” says one now-disabled person, referring to the side effects from the COVID shots. In the midst of this madness, we got a win this week in New York, temporarily freeing health care workers from the unlawful shot mandates. Read on to learn more. —Mat

Help us help these health care heroes! We need YOUR help defending the health care workers, service members, employees, employers and students—all desperately trying to avoid forced COVID shots.

Three hours after taking the jab, James experienced a burning sensation in his upper abdomen. “Over the next few days, it got worse,” he wrote. “I would say it felt like my body was put in a vise and squeezed, and then at the same time, I was being electrocuted. The pressure and pain [were] unreal.”

As his condition grew worse, James was put through a whole gambit of consultations, tests and medications. “No doctor could say for sure what happened to me, but they said it was probably caused by the vaccine.

Prior to taking the jab, James was in excellent health. Today he is debilitated by the constant pain in his spine and side. To add insult to injury, the shot maker refuses to assist. “I reached out to Moderna to tell them what happened, and they are useless,” James said. “I talked to Moderna four separate times, and each time, they said they would follow up with and send me information to fill out, but they never did! Moderna is a joke.”

But it was James’ closing line that should give us all pause. “I want the world to know what is really going on with these vaccines,” said James, who is now convinced “the government is covering this up.”

If the shot injury reports on the U.S. and European vaccine injury reporting systems are any indication, James may well be right.

EudraVigilance shows 2,317,419 COVID shot injuries reported in Europe.

The VAERS system shows 675,591 COVID shot injuries reported in the U.S.

And according to both the CDC as well as a Harvard medical study, less than 1% of shot injuries get reported.



We are receiving desperate calls and emails from literally thousands of people per day—PLEADING FOR HELP! Help us help them! We need your help like never before.

Liberty Counsel filed lawsuits against Maine, New York and several major hospitals within those states. Our health care workers not only worked the front lines of the pandemic, but they’re now on the frontlines of the shot injuries.

Praise God! A New York judge granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the state, forcing it to accept ALL religious exemptions while the court case is being reviewed.

But this victory is ONLY TEMPORARY ... now the true battle begins.

New York and the hospitals have retained some of the largest law firms
in the world with over 3,000 lawyers at their disposal.

Their ploy is to bury us under mountains of paperwork. Humanly speaking, this is an impossible fight. But with God, all things are possible.

Tuesday, we had over 900 people on our daily conference call, all desperate to escape the mandatory shots. Those 900+ people are in addition to the 535 legal intake forms we received that same day and the hundreds of calls. Our voicemail boxes were full again with yet more cries for help.

So many of these cries for help have been from the very people who have helped all of us for years—doctors, nurses, paramedics, as well as veterans and active-duty military personnel. These good folks have spent their lives defending and helping us. WE MUST NOW HELP THEM.

We need your help like never before. NEVER in our 32-year history have we faced such an onslaught of need.


After the TRO was announced for New York, I received an email from one woman whose religious exemption was denied. Thanks to the efforts of our legal team, the hospital reversed course and granted her exemption.

Alison emailed that she is “so thankful for all that we are doing.” She also wanted to encourage all of us—including YOU, the faithful Liberty Counsel supporter who made this endeavor possible—“not to give up hope, as what Liberty Counsel is doing really matters to so many.”

Your support matters. Liberty Counsel NEVER charges for our legal work. And now, a generous Challenge Grant will DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT.

“Some trust in chariots, and others in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God” (Ps. 20:7).

May God bless you and keep you!

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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*Names in this email have been changed for privacy.


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