This Hospital Will Pause Delivering Babies

Sep 14, 2021

As a result of so many nurses leaving their jobs rather than be forced to take the COVID shots, a New York hospital announced it will pause delivering babies for lack of staff.

A NY nurse is now debilitated and needs care herself, thanks to the jabs.  And a NY senior nursing facility risks losing all but one of its caregivers over the mandates. But NY Gov. Hochul continues to argue her order preempts federal law. It does not.

We filed suit against the governor and several hospitals on Friday, and we argued the emergency request before a federal court yesterday. We will not stop until religious freedom is restored in America!

JOIN US! We need YOUR help defending service members, employers and students—all desperately trying to avoid forced COVID shots.

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Ginny has been a nurse all of her adult life. She chose this profession to serve and care for others. After decades of service, including throughout the pandemic in New York, Ginny was championed as a "hero" by the public and politicians alike.

Ginny was hesitant about getting the shot, but she got it so she could keep caring for her patients. Sadly, now Ginny is the one who needs care.

Within hours of receiving her second shot, she became violently ill. That illness started with absolute exhaustion, then the numbness began.

Ginny can no longer feel her face, hands or feet, and the muscles in her legs are weakening at an alarming rate. Her left arm, where she received the jabs, is too painful to move. Her eyes developed iritis, a severe swelling of the retina—a dangerous condition that can cause blindness. Worse yet, an MRI shows that her cerebellum (brain) is shrinking—a startling condition we are beginning to see reported more and more often with these awful shots.

Ginny has had test after test, and no doctor can figure out how to help her escape the debilitating side effects of the COVID jab. Neither can anyone tell her if her life will ever be normal again.

Ginny just wants to “cry every day” and says, “I just want my life back.”

We are receiving desperate calls and emails from literally thousands of people just like Ginny—PLEADING FOR HELP! Help us help them! We need your help like never before.

Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit on behalf of New York health care workers against Gov. Kathy Hochul, several state agencies and four of the state’s largest hospital groups.

Liberty Counsel is seeking an emergency restraining order to prevent more victims like Ginny. The judge quickly set an emergency hearing, and we argued the case yesterday. The hospital hired some of the biggest law firms in the country to defend them.


One of our plaintiffs in the case is president of a private, faith-based senior care facility. John* wants to accommodate his employees’ religious exemptions to the shots, but New York will not allow him to do so.

John faces the loss of his business and steep daily fines every day he does not force his employees to take the jab. But if John follows the mandate without religious exemptions, as of October 7, he will have only ONE employee.

John chose to fight for HIS freedom as a business owner, and for his EMPLOYEES’ freedom of religion, so he came to Liberty Counsel for help.

Several of our clients received religious exemptions, but they were revoked when the governor issued her mandate.

A national emergency ...

I warned that the shot mandates would create a national emergency beginning with health care. “We are unable to safely staff the service after Sept. 24. The number of resignations received leaves us no choice but to pause the delivering of babies at Lewis General Hospital,” said CEO Gerald R. Cayer. Five other departments may also be affected.

Our offices are now fielding so many calls, emails and online web forms that our staff can barely keep up. This weekend alone, we had over 1,200 online requests for help and over 300 additional voice messages. Nearly a quarter of a million people have watched our “legal help” video, and we are working with over 20,000 people. That number grows by the day.

We need your help. NEVER in our 32-year history have we faced such an onslaught of need. But in our history, we also have never faced such an onslaught of tyranny such as we are now witnessing.


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Please pray for our staff as we fight to stay on top of this growing number of cries for help.

May God bless you and keep you!

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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*Names in this email have been changed for privacy.


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