Forced to "Identify" and Then Get Terminated

Sep 2, 2021

“My husband just was forced to identify himself as unvaccinated today,” writes Katherine in a chilling message reminiscent of the Nazi self- identification demands.

With her husband identified as unvaxxed and summarily fired, Katherine and her family will lose the income and benefits her husband’s job provided for more than two decades.

Meanwhile, we’ve filed suit (again) against Maine Gov. Janet Mills, who wants all private and public health care workers fired if they do not get the shots. She says in Maine, federal law does not apply. No religious exemptions and no unemployment benefits!

This insanity MUST STOP. We’re fighting, but we need YOUR help.

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Imagine dedicating 25 years to the service of a single employer. Your life’s work has been to help this company grow and ensure its success. Yet, despite those decades of faithful service, your employer kicks you out the door because you refuse to take an experimental drug. To take these shots for many people is tantamount to sinning against God.

That’s what is happening to Frank, who is being forced out of the job he loves—all because he values his faith, health and science more than his employer values Frank and his freedom.

We have staff who have been with us more than 25 years. Anita and I cannot imagine terminating someone with whom we have worked side by side for so long—over an unapproved shot with bogus medical claims!

The shot mongers are getting more tyrannical in their insistence to place a jab in every arm—and they are willing to push people into poverty to achieve this unreachable goal.


Some employers are saying refusal to get the shots will be considered a “voluntary resignation,” which they threaten will prevent employees from receiving unemployment benefits. This is both false and unlawful! It is bullying and dishonest.

Some employers are falsifying employment documents by listing non-shot takers as having “quit.”

NO employer or school can require anyone to inject any substance that conflicts with their sincere religious beliefs—especially with an unlicensed drug still under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) status. There is NO COVID drug available in the U.S. that is FDA approved—all are still EUA—meaning you have the “option to accept or refuse.”

A Maine Labor Department official said refusing the shots will typically result in the denial of “unemployment benefits.”

But NO employer, not even Gov. Mills, can willfully violate the federal Title VII employment law or the First Amendment (for public workers).

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On August 12, 2021, Gov. Mills announced that all private and public health care workers must get the shots or be terminated. And she said NO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS!

On August 25, we sued on behalf of more than 2,000 health care workers against Mills, her agencies and five of the largest hospitals.

In court this week, the federal judge set an emergency hearing for September 10 and will rule before the September 17 deadline. But two of our nurses were already fired last week for submitting religious exemptions.

Gov. Mills is creating a state of emergency. The same is true nationally. At one hospital with 23,000 staff, over 80% refuse the shots. At another, 66% of the 14,000 staff refuse, and at another, 45% will not take the shots.

We have now received reports from two separate clients that two nurses working at the same hospital in a western state (we will not identify yet) committed suicide. Instead of revoking its mandatory shot policy, the hospital reminded staff not to bully. But the hospital policy is bullying these health care workers and encouraging others to beat them into submission. We are sending a demand letter to this hospital. And we will soon file suit against New York for the state’s unlawful shot mandates.


The emotional burden is immense. There is nothing in our 31-plus year history to compare to what we are experiencing. PLEASE PRAY for our staff and for the tens of thousands of people who are pleading with us for help.

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“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you” (Deut. 31:6).

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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*Names in this email have been changed for privacy. Stories are from our clients.


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