Roe v. Wade To Be Overturned Unless

Jun 7, 2021

Within one year, the horrible abortion rulings at the U.S. Supreme Court could be overturned! I have prayed for this day and believe I will see this prayer fulfilled in my lifetime. But if HR 5 passes, it won't matter.

The Supreme Court just agreed to take a landmark Mississippi case the Court will use to reconsider all its abortion decisions going all the way back to Roe v. Wade in 1973. We will file a brief in this case.

But HR 5 is even more extreme than any Supreme Court abortion case! In addition to codifying LGBTQ perversion, it would also make abortion a federal right. It will override every state law and force funding of and participation in abortion.

The case before the Court will not matter. Overturning Roe v. Wade will be irrelevant, because HR 5 will be the new federal law of the land.

HR 5 is the single most destructive bill in U.S. history. Read on to learn more about what's in this bill and how you can stop it. — Mat

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If the so-called Equality Act passes, abortion up to birth—even gruesome late-term abortions that rip off limbs—will be federally protected. Every state law will be overridden. No one, not even religious institutions or doctors, will be allowed to deny such a horrific, life-ending atrocity.

No person, church, school hospital, doctor, pharmacist—no one—will be able to escape the Equality Act. No Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). No conscience protection. Even your "perceptions" and "beliefs" (using the bill's own words) will not be able to escape its reach.

The Equality Act—which will coerce you to accept and promote as many as 550 "paraphilias" (sexual perversions)—also makes ABORTION a federal RIGHT!

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A dangerous LGBTQ and abortion bill . . .

The bill applies to "pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition." Treatment for pregnancy or childbirth requires "treatment" to abort the child. Every state law will be preempted. No parental notice or consent, informed consent—no restrictions whatsoever on abortion from fertilization to birth.

ALL hospitals, medical providers, pharmacists, employers and insurance companies will be forced to participate in chemical and surgical abortions. And abortions will be federally funded.

Health insurance offered by churches, religious schools and employers must cover abortion. No one can refuse because the Equality Act revokes the Religious Freedom Restoration Act!

Remember Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor who objected to abortion-inducing drugs and devices? They won under RFRA. They would not win under the Equality Act.


Before this bill, every time sex discrimination was written into law, abortion was excluded. Not so under this bill.

In addition to gutting religious freedom, HR 5 will preempt every state law. Any abortion restriction will violate this bill if passed into law.

Without question, this bill will force crisis pregnancy centers to refer women for abortion. This is what California tried to do a few years ago. Fortunately, we dragged Attorney General Xavier Becerra (now secretary of Health and Human Services) to the Supreme Court—and we won. But if HR 5 passes, bloodthirsty extremists will once again force crisis pregnancy help centers to refer women to killing machines.

HR 5 applies to "perceptions" and "beliefs" and is not limited to a "physical facility or place." It applies to websites, emails, social media and more.

Therefore, this provision puts in jeopardy both longstanding federal conscience laws providing for protections for abortion objectors, and even the Hyde Amendment, prohibiting taxpayer funding for abortion.

All state and federal pro-life protections will be overridden.

Think about that a moment! Radical governors have been fighting to revoke our unalienable right to worship. Now, this bill would replace our right to religious freedom with a demand to murder children. And they have the nerve to call it the Equality Act!

Under this bill, a child in the womb has no rights—and neither do parents, spouses, health care providers or pharmacists. There is NOTHING EQUAL about eliminating a helpless life and revoking religious freedom for all.

We can stop the Equality Act from making abortion a federal right. Say "NO—I will not be forced to accept and promote abortion!"

As we fight this dangerous bill, we continue to defend pastors, churches, churchgoers and pro-lifers like Sandra Merritt. I appreciate your prayers.

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Pray for America and for our children—born and unborn.


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