"He" Was Pregnant - How HR 5 Will Cause Harm

Apr 1, 2021

Young, old and preborn Americans will be sacrificed on the altar of the LGBT & Q agenda if the so-called “Equality Act” becomes law. It will FORCE everyone to live in a make-believe world—or else. Read the true story below about how this will impact EMS and ER health care workers. —Mat

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ER and EMS workers must make immediate decisions—like whether the patient is male or female. They work under great stress, but the misnamed “Equality Act” will complicate their jobs. In the true story below, this critical information made the difference between life and death.

A person showed up at the hospital presenting as a male. We'll call this individual "Kelly." A nurse on staff saw that both appearances and medical records indicated Kelly was a man.

When Kelly complained that "his" abdomen was hurting, the nurse had a choice to make.

Of course, you would not ask a man if he was pregnant.

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But Kelly was a biological woman who had stopped taking male hormone treatments. She was pregnant, and labor was threatening the life of her unborn child. Her medical records said Kelly was "male" because that is how Kelly wanted to be identified.

After significant time had passed, the hospital staff realized the reality of the situation. By then, Kelly's labor had pushed the umbilical cord into the birth canal, and her baby's heartbeat went from "unclear" to not beating at all. Moments later, Kelly delivered a stillborn baby.

This was a tragic outcome. If Kelly had been honest, and if her medical records had been medically accurate—based on biology as opposed to a LGBT and Q delusion—Kelly’s baby would have had a chance to live. Instead, this child was sacrificed on the altar of twisted political correctness. The lies turned deadly.

Congressional Democrats deliberately misnamed this bill the "Equality Act." But it destroys equality for women, children, the unborn and anyone who refuses to bow to the irrational and unscientific LGBT and Q agenda.

The "Equality Act" now in the Senate would create many more opportunities for tragedies like this child's death. Help us stop this bill by sending a direct message to the Senate.

This bill revokes religious protections ...

The bill specifically revokes the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that protects believers from being forced to violate their consciences.

In addition to creating medical quandaries, this bill forces religious medical staff to participate in actions that are directly opposed to their faith. This includes sex-change surgeries, hormone treatments, abortions, abortifacients and more.

And the RFRA revocation doesn’t just apply to LGBT and Q issues. The bill also includes ABORTION.

Under this bill, if an LGBTQ person—or an abortion seeker—claims he or she "perceives” discrimination against their “choice,” they can sue medical staff and the hospital. Questioning whether the patient is male or female can land them in court. Drug dosages are often different for males and females.

If medical providers insist on listing the correct sex, they will be punished unless they play the game.

This bill will also give abortion seekers the “right” to sue religious hospitals and medical providers for refusing to offer abortions.

A deadly spirit would be codified by this bill.

The “Equality Act” seeks to celebrate spirit-crushing perversions while mutilating bodies through “sex-change” surgeries and by permanently sterilizing reproductive organs. And if that weren’t enough, the bill aims to make it a protected “right” to murder the unborn.

The “Equality Act” demands that you, your children, your doctor, your pastor and your church not only accept deviancy but also promote it.

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Religious freedom is under attack as never before. We have seen what rogue governors do. Now, this bill will go even further.


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Darkness always seems the worst just before the dawn. But we know the light of our Lord clears away all darkness. Stand fast in faith, for we know His promises are always kept!

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

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