Drag Queen Story Hour Judge Arrested

Mar 23, 2021

Not surprisingly, when police arrested a member of the organization that funded the Drag Queen Story Hour, his personal computer was filled with horrible child pornography. Now this Children's Court judge faces prison for deviant actions so horrendous I can't share the details. The misnamed "Equality Act" will protect child predators like this one if we do not stop this bill from becoming law.

Please, select here to fax the Senate. Tell them to PROTECT OUR KIDS! SAY NO to the "EQUALITY ACT!" Then read on to learn what happened in Wisconsin. —Mat

Police arrested Draq Queen Story Hour's Brett Blomme last week, and what they found has shaken the nation. Blomme, president and CEO of pro-LGBTQ Cream City Foundation, bragged about sponsoring the Drag Queen Story Hour. Blomme also happens to be a Milwaukee Children's Court judge.

A Democratic LGBTQ activist, Blomme apparently used government resources as well as his own personal equipment to upload and share at least 27 horrendously abhorrent child rape images and videos with other pedophiles and child pornography websites.

I have read the criminal complaint against Blomme and am deeply shaken. I cannot write what is depicted in those videos—it is just too evil.

Suffice it to say that, using the screen name "dommasterbb," the Drag Queen Story Hour founder's videos depicted violent sexual abuse of children as young as 2 years old.

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Blomme and his "husband" have two adopted children. It is unclear at this time if Child Protective Services has removed the children from the soon-to-be-former-judge's home, as is customary in such incidents.

In 2020, Blomme ran for his current Children's Court position on a "progressive" platform celebrating LGBTQ "values," which blasted the traditional values of his opponent.

That "progressive platform" of the LGBTQ agenda is up for an election of a different sort right now in the U.S. Senate via the intentionally misnamed "Equality Act."

The "Equality Act" specifically references "Queer" as being a protected class entitled to the same special rights as race. "Queer" is by definition "paraphilia," the name given to encompass any of nearly 550 sexual perversions outside of LGBT.

And because paraphilia also includes pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality and a whole host of horrors too deviant to discuss, they will also be protected under HR 5. Tragically, this includes pedophiles, whose proponents now call themselves "minor-attracted persons."

Any resistance or objection to that protected class of sexual deviants will result in discrimination charges and lawsuits. And because the legislation specifically revokes religious freedom exemptions, even Christian churches, schools and pastors must comply ... or else.

When the Drag Queen Story Hour launched several years ago, we warned that child sexual predators would take advantage of these "shows" to victimize children. Many public libraries promoted these Drag Queen Story Hours as wonderful opportunities for little children.

Anyone with a little common sense and scant few moral values would quickly recoil at the sight of these freakish characters grooming young children. It turns out that the entire basis of Drag Queen Story Hour was founded upon pedophilia. And some of the foolish public officials who approved its implementation lacked the common sense to protect innocent children.

Now, multitudes of so-called drag queens and crossdressers have been arrested for abusing and molesting minor children. This includes the Texas Drag Queen Story Hour deviant who was allowed to read to children despite his previous pedophilia arrests! And now the Drag Queen Story Hour's founder himself has proven us right—sexual deviants do NOT belong near children!

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I cannot emphasize enough the danger of HR 5. If this bill passes in the Senate, sexual deviants like Blomme will be able to demand access to library story hours, classrooms, restrooms, lockers, showers—and even your church.

Indeed, we are working with a family right now whose autism services in their home were canceled because they refused to allow a man dressed as a woman teach their 8-year-old son.

Our children are in extreme danger if the "Equality Act" passes. Please, take a moment to fax the Senate NOW. We MUST STOP THIS BILL!

As we fight the "Equality Act," we also continue to defend pastors and churchgoers. We have two major church cases pending at the Supreme Court and several other courts of appeal. Our battle for freedom continues.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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Then send a fax directly to members of Congress to urge them to fight the "Equality Act." And sign our petition against this legislation. May God's blessings be upon you.


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