When A Church Recovery Program Is A Crime...

Feb 15, 2021

What happens when a rogue governor wants to put recovering addicts in prison for attending a church service? ME Gov. Janet Mills is about to find out. Read on to learn more about our latest case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Maine Governor Janet Mills continues to discriminate against churches, restricting religious gatherings while favoring similar secular gatherings.

Last Thursday, Liberty Counsel filed for an emergency injunction pending appeal at the Supreme Court, defending our clients Pastor Ken Graves, Calvary Chapel of Bangor and the church's residential discipleship recovery program against Gov. Mills' tyrannical, lawless orders.

Pastor Graves describes toying with drugs as like being on the edge of a whitewater river. Too often, people playing on the edge get sucked in and caught in a churning current they cannot escape on their own.

Many secular addiction programs claim to "treat" the problem of addiction. But Pastor Graves points out a cure is always better than a treatment or a technique. And the cure he prescribes is the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"The root problem of all vice or addiction is sin," says Pastor Graves, "there is only one Great Physician who can heal a sin problem, who can cure us. Only one Great Physician who has the power to actually set us free. And He said, 'If you continue My Word, then you are my disciples indeed. And the truth will set you free.'"

In the decades that Calvary Chapel and its residential program have been in operation, Pastor Graves has seen the healing that comes only through Christ over and over. "It is the gospel of Jesus Christ, it's a right relationship with God, it’s being born again," which heals, says Pastor Ken.

And every attempt to "fix" what's wrong with us, while ignoring that reality, is vain. It will fail. Because Jesus Christ is the One people go to when they have tried everything else.

Gov. Janet Mills disagrees. In March 2020, Mills banned church attendance completely. After significant public outcry and mounting legal pressure, Mills decreed that church would be allowed for up to 10 people. Today, her arbitrary number is no more than 50, including pastors and staff.

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Yet, hundreds of secular gatherings can operate without any numerical cap. But worship in Maine has a hard 50-person limit.

Calvary's residential program alone has 48 members plus a sizeable staff. Even if the other church members did not attend, the residents of the Calvary Discipleship Program would be in violation for gathering to worship. The penalty for being over 50 people is criminal charges and fines.

Even so, Pastor Ken refused to remove worship from his gatherings.

Pastor Ken determined to stay open – for ALL his flock - even if facing arrest. He answers to God, not a misguided governor!

For recovered addict Emily Heggenes, the ministry of Calvary Chapel was lifesaving...

"Scared and empty I walked into that door, when my parents left, I crumbled, but I was where God wanted me. I learned again about the Love of God toward us all and I learned about surrender. This was all just the beginning of my walk with the Lord...

I have so many new testimonies of what God has done in my life since this moment 16 years ago today, but I felt like today I needed to share about my drug addiction in hopes that it will give someone out there struggling a hope. No matter how far away you feel and no matter how bad you think you are, God is waiting for you and He can and will restore the years that have been eaten up."

The many stories of changed lives through the ministry of this church brings tears to my eyes. I cannot express how blessed we are to represent Pastor Ken Graves and Calvary Chapel of Bangor.

After our victory at the Supreme Court regarding CA churches, Maine now has the most severe restrictions on churches in the country. That is why we filed an emergency injunction pending appeal at the Supreme Court.

This is our fifth church case before the High Court since May.

Calvary is fighting to remain open (with social distancing and sanitizing). And Liberty Counsel, thanks to YOUR generosity, is there to defend them.

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Pastor Graves is right. Jesus Christ IS the Great Physician, and He heals more than just addiction. He can heal every sin and every pain, and He can heal our nation, too!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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